AccuAir E Level
Air Suspension Leveling Systems

The AccuAir E Level systems manage the height of up to 4 Air Springs and offers never before seen accuracy in all applications by constantly learning your vehicle’s characteristics. Through the use of advanced height monitoring techniques, this system automatically corrects for changes in load, whether driving or parked, minimizing user input and maximizing accuracy throughout your driving experience.

AccuAir Air Management Packages with E Level Controller

The AccuAir E Level Air Management Packages (AMP) bring together all of the highest quality components available to operate your Air Springs in one easy to order part number. Choose between one or two compressors for lightning fast recovery times. This package includes the AccuAir Leveling Systems with the E-Level™ Electronic Leveling System with TouchPad Interface, VU4 Solenoid Valves, 1 or 2 Viair 400C compressor(s), 5-Gallon aluminum air tank, water-trap, and DOT plumbing kit. 

AccuAir E Level Controller

The AccuAir E Level ™ controller can be used on AccuAir and existing air suspension setups. The AccuAir E Level Controllers offer the ability to save three unique vehicle heights into memory at the touch of a button using TruPositionTM Height Sensors installed in each corner of your suspension. The 3 heights are accessible from the TouchPadTM or Rocker Switch Interface. Optional Wireless Remote is also available.

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Accuair E Level

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