Slow Speed Air Bag Valve
(ASCO 1/4 Inch)

Only 29.99 each

Valve Quantity:

The ultimate air bag valve for slow lifting and lowering speed!  Our air suspension valves are designed to provide the user with reliability, great looks and excellent air flow!  The unique design of the ASCO brand air bag suspension valves provides high air flow with minimal power required to open the valve.  With the capability of being able to handle a 230 psi inlet pressure, these valves can handle any on-board air compressor system used for air bag suspension!  

1/4 inch air bag valve, slow air suspension valve, train horn valve

These are a Hot-rodders' Favorite!  Having used this exact type of air suspension valve on many of the custom air suspension and train horn installs we have done, we know how great they work and we recommend them every time!

 Our 1/4 inch air valves are feature packed and are assembled with the highest quality valve components!  Our valves have heavy duty internal rubber grommets and o-rings, stainless steel hardware, and very durable solenoids to handle the abuse of any air suspension system!  With this 1/4 inch thread size air bag valve, one can lift and lower even the heaviest of classic vehicles or lift and lower modern light weight vehicles, but these valves will do the lifting and lowering at a very controlled slow speed.  

Installation simply requires screwing in your air fittings and attaching your 12 volt power wire and chassis ground wire to the valve!

Features of our 1/4 inch Air Bag Valve

  • Slow Air Flow (for easily controlled lifting and lowering of your air suspension)
  • Capable of handling 230 psi Inlet Pressure
  • Super Easy Wiring
  • 1/4 npt female machine threading 
  • Compact for installing in tight locations
  • High Ambient Temperature rating for under-hood applications (176º F)
  • DIN connectors available for even cleaner wiring

Get your 1/4 inch Air Suspension Valves from us at only $29.99 each

Valve Quantity:

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