Air Suspension Switchbox and Air Suspension Controller Kits

Always use a high quality air suspension controller, or air bag switchbox, when it comes to settting up your airbag suspension.  You need an easy to use setup that you can operate on a moment's noticeto lift or lower your vehicle.  You never know when you might need to "bump it up" to avoid hitting road debris with your lowered vehicle, or when you come across a dreaded speedbump and you're going to want to have a way to lift in a hurry to avoid those obsticles.  The press of a button on any of our airbag suspension controllers will allow you to quickly and easily adjust your air bag suspension system! 

All of the airbag suspension controllers we offer feature multiple buttons, or switches, that are configured to do specific "movements" with your air ride setup.  For example, the Airlift Performance controllers are hand-held, or mountable, digital controllers that feature user-adjustable ride height presets, among several other hi-tech features.  The Airlift Performance controllers also allow for independent corner control to lift and lower each of the 4 corners of your vehicle.  Another great feature of the Airlift Kits are the gauge readouts on the screen of the controler to show you individual bag pressure and tank pressure.  To top that, you can even use your Android or IOS phone to connect by Bluetooth with the Airlift Performance kits

The AVS Switch Boxes are more traditional and feature 7 rocker switches to allow the user to operate each of the four corners up and down.  These air suspension switchboxes also allow the user to lift and lower the front bags, lift and lower the rear bags, and also lift all 4 bags up and down simultaneously.  Another great feature ofAVS controllers is the ability to integrate them into your alarm system with the dedicated circuit for lifting and lowering your air suspension with your car alarm remote control.  

Wiring is made easy with all styles of our air suspension controllers thanks to the included wiring diagrams and pre-terminated ends.

We offer them in many styles to compliment your custom car or custom truck's theme and or colors. Some of our air ride suspension controllers include led lighting effect for the ultimate in coolness!

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