Aluminum Wheel Cleaner

Aluminum Wheel Cleaner works instantly! Eliminates scrubbing! Removes brake dust & grime from aluminum wheels! Unmatched results guaranteed.

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Clean And Brighten Aluminum Wheels Like A Pro

Wheels make a car! You can take an ordinary car and add cool wheels, and presto, you have a new ride. However, if your wheels are dirty they can change the look of your ride for the worst. Cleaning your wheels with the right wheel cleaner is easy.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say “If only I did not have to scrub my wheels that would be incredible.” They go to the retail store, look for the prettiest label wheel cleaning product, grab some part-time salesperson and say, “Hey, does this stuff work?” They get home, only to be disappointed.

You see not only do we offer you our exclusive aluminum wheel cleaner, we use it daily in our parent company, Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail, to clean the dirtiest aluminum wheels. Lane’s New Aluminum is a strong acidic wheel cleaner for cleaning aluminum wheels instantly upon application. Now, you can save time and keep your aluminum wheels looking bright.

Directions: Spray New Aluminum wheel cleaner on wheel, wait 5-10 seconds, then lightly rub around the wheel with our Microfiber Detailing Mitt. When you see the dirt and grime begin to run off the aluminum wheel, spray wheel clean.

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