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    We all want the shiniest paint finish around and that’s where the best car polish comes in to help! Also known as paint polish; it is used to remove light to moderate paint surface imperfections.  Such imperfections might include swirl marks, tree sap, minor scuffs and scratches, hazing, or even oxidation for a perfect show car paint finish.  Not to mention any names, but maybe your friend leaned over the hood of your black car to hand you something and their belt buckle scuffed the paint of your pride and joy.  Yikes!  The damage is done, but luckily you have a secret weapon to use to fix your paint… Paint Polish to the rescue! 

     Since dark colored cars tend to show more dirt and scratches, polishing is what will bring out the deep wet-look that you know you remember you want.  A true wet-look is achieved by polishing the paint on your car before waxing.  The polish basically works by rubbing a super fine abrasive against your paint.  This abrasive scrubs off the paint contaminates (like the tree sap), and also rounds the edges of scratches (belt-buckle) or swirl marks on a micro-scopic level to make them less visible. 

     Deeper scratches will require the use of a rubbing compound, or scratch remover.  A rubbing compound works the same way that the polish does except that the abrasive is more coarse or rough.  The rubbing compound works a little more quickly and must be used with care to prevent damaging the paint further.  Sometimes a deep scratch can only be fixed by repainting, but rubbing compound can usually do the trick. 

     The polishes and compounds we offer are used by professionals and beginners alike. The polish and compound can be applied by hand. For better performance and results, an orbital or high speed buffer is recommended depending on your experience.

Get the WET LOOK with the polish and compund we offer below.

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Fine Grade Clay Bar Renewit Showcar Paint Polish Super Cut Rubbing Compound
and Scratch Remover

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