Best Paint Sealant

The best paint sealant available is Super Seal Paint Sealant.  This is the original car paint sealant Sealer Wax. Paint sealants are the final coat applied by hand or auto buffer to clear coat auto painted surfaces. Lane’s Super Seal Paint Sealant creates a dazzling shine and long-lasting protection. This car paint sealant car be removed by hand and will not leave any white residue on plastic moldings or trim.

Auto dealerships often offer a paint protection, paint sealant on each vehicle sold. My detail company applies Super Seal Paint Sealant on selected auto dealership cars. This car paint sealant will shine and protect your clear-coat finish.

We recommend using Gold Edition Finishing Car Wax first and then apply Super Seal Paint Sealant to seal the car wax, increase shine and provide your vehicle's painted clear-coat with a durable protective coat. You will not find any other sealer wax that will compete with Super Seal Paint Sealant.

Directions: Apply Paint Sealant onto the auto surface with a wax applicator. Apply considerable pressure at first, then ease up gradually as the paint sealer wax dries and develops a gloss. Polish to a shine using a clean, microfiber dry towel.

Only $18.00

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