Blood Drag 08

Blood Drag 08 had a great turn out this year! So many custom minitrucks, and custom car and truck owners showed up that there were almost not enough awards to go around for the show winners! In case you've never been to a Blood Drag Show, (this was my first) it is a killer show that has been all over the country. Blood Drag has been held in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia and now in Anderson, South Carolina. I hope they stick around since it’s so close to where I live. It was about 2 1/2 Hours South from here in Charlotte, NC, so I really didn't mind putting the Impala on my trailer and hauling her down there!

A Few vendors showed up for this show  too! Drop 'em Wear was there along with Drop Jaw Magazine and a couple of others. One thing you can count on being at a Blood Drag show is the Blood Donation bank. Blood Donations at a car show? That's definitely a little different, but there is a reason for it.

A fellow "car shower" was injured in an accident and needed blood to save his life, and Blood Drag car shows are kind of done in memory of that person who desperately needed the blood due to his injuries. People at the show can give blood to help other people who need it for there injuries since sometimes there just isn't enough to go around. So, if you're ever at a Blood Drag Event, and aren't too afraid of needles, please give some blood so you can help those in need.

Meanwhile at the show... There were hundreds of killer Custom mini trucks on display for everyone to drool over. The Mini Trucks, including SUVs were outrageous with tons of mods like Shaved Doors, Tilt Beds, Body Drops, big rims, and Spark Throwing Capability! Several of the Full Size Trucks were layed out too. Some were lifted forever high. The sport compacts were done up right with Lambo doors, custom paint, big sound systems, and engine mods. Of Course my favorites will always be the domestics and there were several to see at the show! The weather was absolutely perfect and I hope you enjoy your virtual tour of the Anderson, SC Blood Drag 08!

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Custom Mini Trucks at Blood Drag 08

3 slammed Minis Body Dropped Mini Truck Tribal S10 Blood Drag 08 Pp Brad
3 slammed Minis Body Dropped Mini Truck Brad from Pebble Pushers'

Pebble Pushers Ranger Tribal S10 Blood Drag 08 Pebble Pushers Custom Rusted S10
Cliff's Pebble Pushers' Ranger Cliff's Pebble Pushers' Ranger Custom Rusted S10

Freaks of Nature Car Club Tribal S10 Blood Drag 08 Pebble Pushers Joe Pebble Pushers Johnny
Freaks of Nature Car Club Joe from Pebble Pushers "Here comes Johnny!" Pebble Pushers

Pebble Pushers Kyle Pebble Pushers Tribal S10 Blood Drag 08 Lil B Pebble Pushers
Johnny's Pebble Pusher Kyle's super Clean Mini Pebble Pushers Lil B's Latest Project Pebble Pushers

Pebble Pushers Pebble Pushers S10 Tribal S10 Blood Drag 08 Pebble Pushers Toyota
Lil B take 2 Pp S10 Custom Pebble Pushers Toyota

Pebble Pushers Toyota Minitruck Tribal S10 Blood Drag 08 Custom Minitrucks Blood Drag 08 Custom Dodge RT
Got Suicide Doors? Pebble Pushers' Does! Custom Minitrucks at Blood Drag 08 Scotty's Custom Dakota RT

Pebble Pushers Scotty Pebble Pushers Custom Ranger Tribal S10 Blood Drag 08 Danger Ranger
Scotty's RT 2  Body Dropped Danger Ranger Danger Ranger

Pebble Pushers Spook Tribal S10 Blood Drag 08 Tribal S10 Suicide s10
Spooks Pebble Pusher Tribal with Suicide Doors S10 Tribal S10 with Suicide Doors

Custom Tandem Minitruck Tribal S10 Blood Drag 08 S10 tilt bed Tribal S10 Blood Drag 08 Pebble Pushers Travis Tribal S10 Blood Drag 08
Custom Tandem Minitruck S10 with tilt bed Travis' Custom Pebble Pusher truck in progress

Custom S10 Pebble Pushers Blood Drag 08 Tribal S10 Blood Drag 08
Travis' almost done Travis' under construction Tribal S10 Blood Drag 08

Click here to see the Custom Domestics and Import tuners on Page 2 of our Blood Drag 08 Coverage
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