Custom body work and mods will make your ride unique and look awesome!

Custom Body Work: Other than the initial “look over” that you did upon selecting the car or truck that you want to customize, you should now look more closely at the body.
  • Do you see any rust areas (i.e. around window trim, door jams, trunk area, and interior floor pan, etc.)? These are all places where that sneaky rust can eat away at your vehicle’s metalwork.

    Rust around window

  • All rust areas need to be addressed BEFORE doing any kind of custom body work or custom paint. If the rust is not removed, it will come back to haunt you down the road, I guarantee.

  • Now is also a good time to decide if you would like to make any changes to the body, like Shaving the door handles or emblems, chopping the top, installing a Lambo Door Kit so that your doors will open vertically like a Lamborghini, installing a billet grill, installing a body kit, or any other custom body work ideas that you might have. This kind of work, which you can do yourself, should be completed before going into the paint booth.

    Import with Custom Paint and Modified Hood

  • As far as the paint goes, you can get very creative in the style of paint-job design you would like to have on your custom car. There are hundreds of different styles of flame paint jobs, for instance. Just to name a few you can use traditional, tribal, ghost, chameleon, among others. Even camouflage flames have been used!

  • Flames aside, other examples of custom paint jobs include theme-based (like a Spiderman theme, or The Incredible Hulk, M&M’s, etc.), or two-tone, flip-flop, and even more. You paint-job can be as unique as you want it to be! Only lack of imagination can hold you back!

  • One note that you should fully understand is to make sure that whoever does your custom paint job knows their stuff and has experience, and the proper equipment for doing the kind of custom paint-job you are looking for on your custom street car or custom truck. Please note that a custom paint job, especially those that will require bodywork, will take a while for the painter to complete. From experience, I have learned that it is not a good idea to hassle your painter.

    Blazer with Wild Paint Camaro with Huge Metal Flake Paint MiniTruck with Custom Paint MiniTruck with Classic Style Flames Ranger with Flames at Body Line S-10 With Wild Paint Our Custom 96 Impala SS With Tribal Flames

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