Custom Subaru Impreza

custom subaru impreza
Why build a custom Subaru Impreza?  The Impreza was a surprise hit for Subaru. The hatchback sedan was targeted towards a small, niche audience and sales were not expected to impress. However, car enthusiasts quickly fell in love with the Impreza. Its performance was impressive with quick acceleration and low 0-60 times and it also handled incredibly well on the roads due to its grippy all wheel drive system. The Impreza’s impressive rallying performance also brought a lot of extra attention to the car. It wasn’t long before a customizing scene built itself up around the Impreza. Engine modifications, suspension tweaks and modified body parts quickly became popular amongst Impreza owners all around the world. Even today, the community remains with a wide range of mods available to fit on all types of Imprezas. This article will provide details about the options available for customizing your Subaru Impreza.

custom subaru impreza
Body modifications

The Impreza line has always featured a unique look that made the Impreza stand out amongst Subaru’s range of Subaru cars

The car is available as a 4 door sedan or a 5 door compact hatchback, the latter of which is the more popular and more iconic of the two designs.

The WRX edition Impreza is arguably the most eye catching version of the Impreza. The WRX Impreza, based on the Impreza rally car, features modified body panels and a modified bonnet that helps to improve performance while making the car look more like a custom Subaru Impreza

Virtually every part of the Impreza is customizable and modifiable.

The lights can be replaced with new designs, the spoiler can be swapped out, new rims can be fitted and the Impreza’s bumpers can be modified, too.

Many garages and paint shops are also able to paint the Impreza with a custom paint job, thus allowing Impreza owners to better showcase their personality and creativity through their car.

custom subaru impreza
Engine and performance modifications

The Impreza’s rallying pedigree has meant that the Impreza has long been the best performing of Subaru’s range of Subaru cars.

The Impreza is available with a number of different engines that are both powerful and fuel efficient. The entry level 1.6L engine is relatively quick but the 2.5L engine found in the Impreza WRX edition is the real powerhouse in the Impreza range.

The Impreza is also available with a number of different trims that can affect performance. The standard editions are tuned for city and motorway driving while the sports and WRX editions feature tweaked suspensions that allow for better handling and cornering on the roads. Subaru also released a new XV sport edition Impreza that features a raised and hardened suspension specifically designed for off road driving.

Each part of the Impreza can be tweaked and customized to improve performance and handling. New tires, new exhausts, new grills and aerodynamic body panels can all be fitted while the engine, suspension and gearbox can be easily tuned to improve driving performance in your custom Subaru Impreza


custom subaru impreza
Subaru has greatly improved the Impreza since the release of the first generation Impreza in 1992. The newest 4th generation Impreza is the most stylish, best performing and most customizable Impreza yet.

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