Custom SUV  Blood Drag 08 Anderson, SC

The custom SUV at Blood Drag 2008 were utterly sick! Are Lowered Blazers still considered Sport Utility Vehicles? I think you would call these custom Slammed Utility Vehicles maybe... Well anyway the "SUVs" at Blood Drag 08 were really cool. Jeff From Pebble Pushers always competes in the drag competitions since his custom blazer will throw all kinds of sparks for the spectators! Some of the other SUVs had really sick paint schemes on most would lay frame. Check 'em out below!

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Heavily Modified Suvs at Blood Drag '08

Jeff Pebble Pushers Slammed Blazer Custom Chevy Blazer
Jeff's blazer from Pebble Pushers Jeff's Blazing it This Blazer lays out with Air Ride for sure!

Custom Dodge Nitro Blood Drag 08 Slammed GMC Hooked up Blazer
This Dodge Nitro had all kinds of mods! Slammed GMC SUV Silver Blazer

Custom S10 Blazer Drop Em Wear Trilor Blood Drag 08 Pebble Pushers BloodDrag 08
This S10 Blazer had hydros, shaved body, and one hell of a custom paint job! Drop 'Em Wear Trailer Heading home on Sunday Pebble Pushers Car and Truck Club Waiting for their Awards, and hell yeah we got several!

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