Custom Tail Lights

Installing custom tail lights on your ride is one of the easiest and least expensive modifications you can make to your car or truck to make it look more custom!  There are two basic styles, custom LED tail lights and Altezza style ( also referred to as Euro Tails), but both styles feature several different options that you are sure to like!

Custom LED Tail Lights

Custom led tail lights are products of the future and are the ultimate in custom car rear lighting! makes these custom tail lights available for you today!

custom led tail lightsSome of the benefits of led tail lights include a faster reaction time, higher durability, and more light output than traditional tail lights that use regular (incandescent bulbs)!  The high-tech looks and styling are another reason to purchase and install led tail lights on your car or truck.

Led tail lights have a faster reaction time, or light up faster, because the light is produced by exciting atoms in the electrode inside the led lens which causes the atoms to emit light.  Wow!  That sounds technical, but this process is actually much faster than the time it takes for the filament in a traditional incandescent bulb to get hot enough to emit light.  Led lights achieve full brightness in at least 200 milliseconds (.2 seconds) faster than regular light bulbs!  That might not seem like much, but if that little bit of time will allow the driver behind you to hit the brakes a little faster, you may be able to avoid a rear-end collision.

Led tail lights are much more durable than tail lights that use regular bulbs.  This is because nothing actually burns in a led bulb to produce light.  This allows the led to stay cool and use much less energy to operate!  The lens of a led bulb is made of solid clear acrylic, so this makes it very difficult to actually break the lens.  This special kind of lens also makes led bulbs highly vibration resistant, so don't worry about your sound system blowing out your taillights!

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Custom Altezza Tail Lights

 Custom altezza tail lights are another option you have in customizing the lighting in the rear of your car!

 Altezza tail lights were first used on the rear of the first generation Lexus IS, which was sold in Japan under the name of Toyota Altezza.  That is how this style of tail lights got their name and were almost instantly popular worldwide!
custom altezza tail lights
Altezza style tail lights consist of multiple red lens circular lights that are placed on a chrome, carbon-fiber, or colored background.  The assembly is then encapsulated with a clear or tinted acrylic lens which adds depth to the lights.  Most Altezza style tail lights are direct plug-and-play replacement lights for your car or truck.  This is one of the reasons that this style of rear lighting is so popular!

Some Altezza lights led bulbs for an even cooler look!  The custom altezza tail lights that we offer are available in many styles with options that are bold and attractive!  Just what you need to customize your ride!  Our lights install in minutes with basic hand tools, so you can be back on the road with your custom car or truck in no time!  You did not settle for second best when you purchased your car or truck, so don't settle for less when it comes to customizing your ride with custom tail lights!

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