Drop Spindles

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Install our drop spindles to get your truck lower without loosing ride quality, plus you can  maintain steering geometry!

     So, what is a drop-spindle?  Your front wheels mount to the wheel hub. The wheel hub mounts to the spindle.  The spindle, or steering knuckle, is rotated from side to side to allow your vehicle to steer by means of the steering linkage/tie rods.  The difference between an original spindle and a drop-spindle is the location of the shaft that protrudes from the side of the spindle.  Drop-spindles relocate the shaft to a higher position, typically 2-3 inches higher than the original. Doing this allows your wheel to be higher in the fender well, thus lowering your truck.

     Installing  drop-spindles allows you to continue to use the vehicles factory spring and shocks.  Everything that mounted to the original spindle will also mount to the drop-spindle in the same locations (ie. brake caliper brackets, tie rods/steering arms, etc). Steering geometry is retained to allow for proper alignment and ride quality is not sacrificed.  If you want to get even lower than the 2-3 inches that the drop-spindles provide, the installation of a lowering spring or air bags is always a possibility.

     The drop spindles we offer are made by DJM.  These high quality spindles are machined on computer controlled mills and test fitted with wheel bearing and brake calipers before leaving the DJM facility in order to provide you with a vehicle specific, perfect fit!

All Spindles are sold by the PAIR
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2 inch Drop-Spindles
82-04 S10, S15, & 82-97 S10 Blazer
3 inch Drop-Spindles
73-87 C10
(with 1.25 inch Brake rotor width)
3 inch Drop-Spindles
81-87 C10
(With 1 inch brake rotor width)

c1500 drop spindles, 88-91 c1500 spindles, silverado drop spindles c1500 drop spindles, 92-98 c1500 spindles, silverado drop spindles, 88-98 extended cab spindles c3500 drop spindles, 92-99 c3500 spindles, dually drop spindles, silverado drop spindles
 2 inch Drop-Spindles
88-91 Chevy C1500
2 inch Drop-Spindles
92-98 Chevy C1500 (88-98 X-Cab)
3 inch Drop-Spindles
92-99 Chevy C3500

Check out our Air Suspension page for more lowering products like our drop spindles!
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