DropJaw's Freedom Showoff

July 5th 2008 in Greensboro, NC
The Scrapin the Smokies Flier

Drop Jaw's Freedom Showoff Custom Car Truck and Bike Show  was held in Greensboro, NC at the Greensboro Coliseum on July 5.  This show was a little different than normal.  It was different because the registration was free!   Over 30 classes were available with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, place position in each.  The show also featured a burnout contest, a bikini contest and a dragging competition.  It was a great family show and charity event.  It was cloudy all day long so that kept the heat down a bit, well, until you saw some of the hot rides out there!  It didn't rain until the end of the day, so it was basically a great show.  I will definitely return next year for this event and I hope to see you there too!

Please look through the pictures below to see some of the coolest rides at Drop Jaw's Freedom Showoff Custom Car, Truck and Bike Show

Fredom Showoff 96 Impala SS
YourCustomCar.com at the Drop Jaw Magazine and Shriners of N. America "Freedom Showoff' Custom Car show.  
Our Impala Got "Best Engine of Show"
Custom Mini Trucks
Lowrider minitruck
Lowrider minitruck
Lowrider minitruck
His Hydro Setup
Lowrider minitruck
The Interior
Lowrider minitruck
The Hood/Interior
Flamed and Shaved SUV
Flamed and Shaved SUV.  All the way from Virginia

Deviant Creations DC Dime
Deviant Creations DC-Dime

Deviant Creations S10
One of the coolest and best looking frame bridges I've seen!  Thats actually a CenterLine wheel cut apart and then rewelded to form the bridge
Deviant Customs
Interior of the DC-Dime

Custom Paint Dakota Freedom Showoff
Custom Painted Dakota Freedom Showoff
Custom Paint Dakota Freedom Showoff
Custom Painted Dakota Freedom Showoff
Flamed S-10
Tribal S-10
6 15's were blasting all day in this S-10
6 Kicker 15's were blasting all day in this S-10 
lowrider S-10
Lowrider-style S-10
Green Minitruck

lowered Ranger
Slammed and Shaved Ranger
two-tone S10
Two-tone Sonoma
Custom Imports
Marvel Comics Accord
Marvel Comics Accord
Custom Honda
Custom Accord
Custom Accord
Custom Accord
Custom Accord trunk
Custom sound in the trunk of this Accord. Check out the addition of Lexus Tails in the trunk lid!
Freedom Showoff Accord
Accord Engine
Custom Honda
Tricked Out System in this Honda
Two-Tone Civic
This Shaved Civic looked Awesome!

Custom civic interior
Clean tweed and smooth fiberglass help make the interior of this Civic look very custom
Custom Paint Civic
Tri-Toned Civic with a Tribal Divider
Corbeau MR2
Corbeau MR2
Corbeau MR2 Interior
Corbeau MR2 Interior
Corbeau MR2 Engine
Close up of the Rear engine...Thats impressive!
Detailed import Engine
The detail that went into customizing this engine bay was impressive
Custom Toyota Hybrid
Customized Toyota Hybrid
Toyota Hybrid Hbrid toyota
Princess Car
Princess Toyota
Freedom Showoff Toyota
Princess Toyota interior

Custom Domestics and Other Rides
Box Caprice on 24's
Box Style Caprice on some 22's
Custom painted Cougar
Custom Painted Mercury Cougar
Custom Mercury Cougar
Close up of the Cougar
Custom Durango
This Durango was loaded with aftermarket accessories
Mustang show
Super clean Mustang on Centerline Billet Wheels
Custom Caprice Lowrider
Lots of time went into the paint on this gold lowrider!
Regal on Juice
Regal on Juice
Lowrider Regal interior
Crush-velvet in the interior of the Regal
Lowrider Regal
Yep, those are fish in that tube!
headlight fish
In the Headlights too!
Custom Mustang
Customized Mustang

Customized Mustang Interior
You could definitely see this car coming down the road...It was really bright!
mustang trunk
Even in the trunk
Kind of reminds me of McDonalds for some reason
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
Yeah, thats smoke comming out of it

Copper S10
TVs, Audiobahn Equipment, Crystal balls, Flames and Fountains and some kind of fur were all found in the rear of the "Dragon Slayer" SUV
Lifted and Custom Painted F250
Lifted and Custom Painted F250
Lifted F250
Static Lifted F250
Air Suspension F250
Air Lifted F250
F250 on air
Giant Goodyear bags were installed on this F250 to lift it Sky High
Custom Suzuki bike
Custom Suzuki bike
Custom Suzuki bike
Custom Suzuki bike 2

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