Custom Fullsize Trucks Scr8pFest X!


WOW! The custom fullsize trucks Scr8pfest x had to offer were outstanding! Some of these rides had serious engine work, some of these trucks had cool paint, and some were draggin' rockers, but they all looked awesome! The Chrome looked great on the engines! The powder coating looked great on the modified frames, and the big wheels with super wide low-pro tires all added to the overall great experience at the show.

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Custom GMC Full Size Polished Big Block Custom Truck interior
Custom GMC This picture is worth 1000 words Horse Power Custom GMC Truck interior

Tubbed Truck Bed Custom Truck Interior H2 Front End Conversion
This GMC was custom from end to end Hows that for a Custom Dash? With all of those gauges, this owner will know EXACTLY how his truck is performing Custom Hummer H2 Front End Conversion on this 1500

Custom 1500 Rear Classic Ford F-100 Custom Ford Truck
Check out the back end of this Custom 1500 Truck I can't wait to see this F-100 Work in progress completed! Lots of sheet metal Work and welding on this F-100

Hand Fabricated Rear Suspension Tig Welded Chassis Custom Ford f150
Hand Fabricated Rear Suspension Nice Welds you got there! This Harley F-150 was on FIRE!

Slammed Suburban
Slammed Suburban

Click Here for Page 7 of of the show with more Custom Imports, MiniTrucks, and FullSize Trucks Scr8pfest X

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