Building an off Road Truck?

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  • For Trails- Off-Road truck that is customized for operation on unmade surfaces and rough terrain with low traction areas, such as forest paths, or desert trails. These vehicles will use all terrain and oversized tires, and are fitted with smaller lift kits for a little extra ground clearance.

     Bomb Lowrider”

  • For Mudding- this is an Off-Road truck that has been fitted with lifted suspension components for added ground clearance and oversized tires with deep oversized treads to assist in getting traction in swamps or deep mud. Some serious mudding vehicles are fitted with “air intake snorkels” so that the water/mud will not be easily sucked into the motor. If properly equipped, these trucks can also be used for trails.

     Bomb Lowrider”

  • For Rock Crawling- This kind of Off Road truck is the biggest of the bunch. These vehicles are fitted with the biggest tires and giant lifts for Maximum ground clearance which is used for climbing boulders and large jagged rocks. These vehicles are also fitted with high-strength components to assist in making these vehicles strong enough to handle the adverse effects of twisting the suspension and chassis to its maximum in order to overcome is current path over the rocky terrain. If properly equipped, these trucks can also be used for mudding and for trails.

     Bomb Lowrider”

  • For Show- Sometimes Off-Road Trucks are built strictly for show. These vehicles may still have all of the heavy-duty components that the Trail, Mudding, and Rock Crawling vehicles use/need, but are built for showing at car & truck shows. These Show Trucks will have a lot of their components chrome plated or painted for looks, and by the way we think they look awesome, but these finishes will not hold up well in an off road situation due to scratches and flying rock chips.

     Bomb Lowrider”

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