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In order to build a custom ride of your own, it is very important to make sure that you Ready Your Build Site and have a proper location to work on your ride. Safety in your workspace is a must, so try to keep it as clean and organized as possible. Your build site is likely to become your “home away from home,” as our garage/build site is where we at YourCustomCar.com spend at least 2/3 of our life, seriously. Please see our list below to help insure that you have a proper build site for your next custom project.

  • Do you have a place to work on your ride (Indoors-I hope! Driveway, Friends House)? Wherever you decide to do the build of your custom car, make sure that the surface is level, and keep in mind that the cleaner your work environment is, the less lightly you will be to lose tools or parts.
  • Having to constantly step overstuff that is sitting in the floor can be dangerous, as you might trip over it and bang your head on something hard, or land on your project and damage it in the process.
  • Avoid having unattended children or people you don’t know, or trust hanging out in your work area. Not only can the kids get hurt, but things like your tools and parts can suddenly become missing when no one seems to know where the items are, especially the people you don’t know.
  • It will be very helpful to have a workbench to use to preassemble the parts that require it. If you have decided to rebuild a carburetor which can be a very tedious task with all of the little screws, springs, jets, etc, a workbench will be a much better place to work than, let’s say, the floor.
  • Another helpful thing to have in your work area is boxes that you can label and store your parts in for later use. Ziploc backs are good to use for parts labeling too. This may sound unusual, but one thing we have found that make for great nut/bolt/screw organizing is old ice trays. Most of the smaller bolts that you will find on your car will fit nicely in the little squares where you would normally put water for making ice cubes.
  • For when you will be working under a vehicle, that is supported by jack stands of course, you will need something to lay down on. Some prefer to simply lay down on a piece of card board. Unfortunately, doing so will not allow you to get out from under the car as easily or quickly if you were to lay on an automotive “creeper.” A creeper is a padded surface mounted to a metal frame that has at least 4 wheels on it that will allow you to roll and maneuver under the vehicle much more freely.
  • Heat for colder temperatures or A/C for those scolding hot summer days is also something that you should ready Your Build Site for.

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