Rear Airbag Brackets

Putting the rear of your custom ride on the ground is just as important as the front! Our rear airbag brackets allow you to mount air bags in the rear of your custom car or custom truck in the proper location for optimum use of your air bags.  Most of the rear bag brackets or cups we carry are application specific so you can rest assured that the brackets you order are intended for your specific car or truck.
We also carry universal brackets for those of you who are building your own setup!
Each bracket we offer is precision cut from high-strength steel and pre-welded for superior strength.  All bolt holes and air fitting holes are pre-drilled for easy attachment to your airbags and frame mounting locations.

60-72 c10, rear airbag brackets, rear bag bracketsThese rear airbag cups are the exact cups you need to literally bolt airbags on to the rear of your 60-72 C10 Truck (with coil springs). Simply remove the coilspings and bolt these in place...  It doesn't get any easier than that!  
Click here for more info on our 60-72 c10 rear airbag brackets (For trailing arm trucks with only)

65-70 Impala, 65-70 chevrolet wagon, rear air bag cups, air bag brackets, impala brackets, chevrolet fullsize, air bag cups, air suspension cups, front bag cups, silverado, tahoeWant to put the rear of your 65-70 Chevy Impala or Wagon on the ground?  Well, you're in luck because these rear airbag brackets bolt right in place!  These make it incredibly easy to install air suspension on the rear of your custom ride.  
Click here for more information on our 65-70 Chevrolet Impala and Wagon rear Air Bag Cups.  Click here for more info on our 65-70 Impala rear airbag brackets

91-96, impala airbag brackets, impala air bag brackets, airbag cups, rear bag bracketsPut that Impala SS, Caprice, Roadmaster (B-Body) on the ground where it belongs, or even tuck some of those huge wheels by Installing Air Bag Suspension on the rear of your 91-96 Impala SS, Caprice, or Roadmater! Installing air ride is a breeze when you use our rear airbag cups for these vehicles.  Installation is as simple as removing the factory coil springs and bolting these inplace with your air bag. All mounting hardware is included!  Click here91-96 Impala Caprice Roadmaster rear air bag brackets

58-64 impala, 58-64 chevy wagon, air bag cups, air suspension cups, rear air bag brackets, bag cupsIn our opinion, its hard to beat the look of a 58-64 Chevy Impala or Wagon laid out on the ground with air bag suspension.  These rear airbag brackets allow you to literally bolt air suspension in place on the back of your Classic Chevy Car!  Hardware is included and no modifications to the vehicle frame are necessary. Click here for more info on our 58-64 Chevrolet Impala & Wagon rear air bag cups

rear upper bag bracket, single port, universal bag bracket, frame rail bag bracketOur universal rear upper airbag brackets are what you need if "bolt on" brackets aren't available for your car or truck.  These weld in place on the inside of your rear frame rails and give you a strong and convenient place to mount the upper part of your air bags Click here for more info on our universal Rear Upper Bag Brackets

rear upper bag bracket, single port, universal bag bracket, frame rail bag bracketJust like our rear upper airbag brackets above, these let you install air bags in the rear of your car or truck by welding them to the inside of your frame rail.  These, however, have two port holes for those of you running dual port fast bags in the rear of your ride. Click here for more info on our Universal Rear Upper Bag Brackets (Dual Port)

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