Pebble Pushers' Scr8pFest 11

        The Scr8pFest 11 awards were very unique this year.  In the past, Pebble Pushers has always judged every vehicle individually and awarded the winners with a plastic trophy of some sort.  However, this year things were done a little differently.  We decided that we would try a Top 25 method in which the participants (people showing a vehicle at the show) would fill out a ballot with their 10 most favorite cars/trucks at the show.  We then tallied up the results and the people/vehicles that received the highest number of votes were chosen to receive a Top 25 award.

     Pebble Pushers Car and Truck Club still chose the Best Of Show Winners, but the rest of the Scr8pFest 11 awards were nominated.  We weren't sure how the people at the show would like this, 1 or 2 people even left the show  after hearing how the judging was going to be done this year, but we thought it might be worth a try.  For the most part, we really feel that the participants enjoyed this method of judging, but we have had some complaints.  Pebble Pushers will remain undecided on how judging will be done next year until further notice.
     The actual awards for Scr8pFest 11 were completely different than ever before!  We decided to have billet-aluminum CNC machined to resemble license plate frames.  They were powder coated black for the Top 25 Awards, and red for the Best Of Awards.  They then engraved to reveal the polished billet aluminum below the surface.  

     A Pebble Pusher member's Daughter was nominated to choose the winning raffle ticket for the 50/50 drawing!

     A special memorial award was hand crafted by the builder/owner of the Silver/burgundy D-50 (shown on the Scr8pFest Minitrucks page).  In August of 2008, Pebble pushers lost a member of their club. His name is Wayne "Scr8pin" Phillips and was the first person to install a Pebble Pushers logo on his truck back when Pebble pushers was originally founded in 1994.  Wayne's family chose their favorite vehicle to be chosen for the award.  

!! Congratulations to all of the winners of Scr8pFest 11 !!
Pebble Pushers Scr8pFest 11 TOP 25 Award winners
(these are not in any particular order)
Name Vehicle Make/Model  Club Affiliation
Kevin Petitt 1994 Ford Ranger
Danny Waller 1972 Chevy C10 Diversified Rides
Patrick Kenedy 1993 Ford Ranger Razor
Eric Foelbar 1996 Chevy S-10   Negative Camber
Nathan Doyle 1988 Ford Bronco II Lowkey
Steven McCraw 2000 Chevy S-10
Travis Shade 1999 Chevy Blazer No Regrets
John Norris 1995 Toyota T100  No Regrets
Martin Presiozano  1988 Chevy S-10 Blazer Subsonic Kustoms
Hal Kinder 1969 Chevy Pick Up
Ray Beasley 2001 Chevy S-10 No Regrets
Cole Griffith 1950 Mercury Coupe No Regrets
Johnny Allen 1985 Chevy S-10   Outkast Customs
Dad (Nate) Firman 1992 Dodge Dakota Neighborhood Dreams
Greg Cummins 1996 Chevy S-10  Outkast Customs
Kelly Parsons   1967 Chevy Impala
Carlos Lockamy  1994 Chevy 3500 Dually   Severed Ties
Chris Williams  1995 Chevy S-10 Outkast Customs
Skip Foy 1995 GMC Sierra 1500 Twisted Pushers (VA Chap.)
Weston Klett   1996 Toyota Tacoma  Final Descent
Ken Williams 1998 Chevy Dually
Jerry Beck   1994 GMC Jimmy
Andy Gibson    1999 Ford Ranger No Regrets
Chris“Goat”Guetlker 1965 VW Bus
Zack Reed   1999 Chevy F/S  Acrophobia
Pebble Pushers Scr8pFest 11 Best Of Show Award winners
Award/Name Vehicle Make/Model Club Affiliation
Best Truck-Alvin Lawrence 1994 Chevy S-10  Relaxed Atmosphere
Best Car-Rick Cambell 1995 Honda Civic Team Chozen
Best Unfinished-Tim Bradham  1955 Chevy Belair  Tim Braham’s Chassis Works
Club Choice-Jamie Tiffany   1988 Dodge D-50 Driveway Works

     Check out the pics below to see what the Scr8pFest 11 Awards looked like.

Pebble Pushers Ballot Box Scr8pFest Scr8pfest 11 Top 25 Award
Scr8pfest 11 Awards Scr8pfest 11 Awards Car show custom minitrucks
Scr8pfest 11 Awards Car show Pebble Pushers club choice custom minitrucks Scr8pfest 11 Awards Car show custom minitrucks
Wayne "Scr8p'n" Phillips memorial trophy Scr8pfest 11 Awards Car show custom minitrucks Wayne "Scr8p'n" Phillips memorial trophy Scr8pfest 11 Awards Car show custom minitrucks
Scrape fest Scr8pFest 11 awards Best unfinishe award Scr8pFest 11
Scrape fest Scr8pFest 11 awards Scrape fest Scr8pFest 11 awards

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Scr8pfest 11 Awards

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