Pebble Pushers' Scr8pFest 11
Dragging Competition


The Scr8pFest 11 Dragging competition was pretty good this year.  For those of you who aren't familiar with a what this is, its where a group of people with vehicles low enough to make contact with the ground drive at moderate speed, while dragging, to throw sparks from the rear of their car or truck!.  Pebble Pushers Car and Truck club were the first to organize dragging competition at a car and truck show.  People have come from all around to see this event, and Pebble Pushers are known for it.

     I'm proud to report that no one crashed into the wall this year!  Although, we did have a couple of very close calls!  Drivers sometimes loose control of their vehicle when dragging since the weight of the car or truck is no longer on the wheels.  Instead, a lot of the weight is on whatever part of the vehicle that is dragging the ground.  It’s almost as if the car or truck is sliding on ice, but it’s really pavement.  So, if you have never dragged before, practice somewhere with a lot of room until you have a feel for it!

     It can be very difficult to take action shots of a vehicle in the drag competition, especially with my digital camera that was in the "inexpensive" digital camera section Wal-Mart. So, I did my best to compile a video with short clips of every driver I could catch.  

     Check out the video below to see what some of the Scr8pFest 11 draggers looked like.

Scr8pFest Dragging Competition Scr8pFest Dragging Competition
Scr8pFest Dragging Competition Scr8pFest Dragging Competition

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Scr8pFest 11 Dragging Competition

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