Pebble Pushers' Scr8pFest 11


Some, or most, of the Scr8pfest 11 minitrucks were outrageous!  Virtually every minitruck in the track was heavily modified with several custom parts and air ride suspension!  A lot of the "unfinished" trucks that showed at scr8pfest in previous years came to the show this year completely finished and ready to make some jaws drop wide open!

     Pebble Pushers tries not to give awards to the same vehicle in consecutive years, but the Silver/maroon D-50 you see below received "Best Under-Construction" for the past two years since no other unfinished/under-construction truck could come close to the modifications seen on this truck!  This year the owner (Jamie Tiffany) brought the D-50 back to our show in finished condition and took home the Pebble Pushers' Club Choice Award!  Jamie decided that he would "give back to the club" by actually making the "Best Unfinished" award for this years under-construction Winner.

     Layin' frame was a popular trend at the show this year too!  Some of these guys were even Layin' body thanks to their fabrication skills and air ride suspension.  It is always cool to see the different tweaks that minitruck owners do to get their truck just a little lower than the next guy!  

     Browsethrough the pictures below to see some of my favorite custom minitrucks at the show
Scr8pFest d50 Scr8pFest custom minitruck
Scr8pFest minitruck engine Custom Mitsubishi minitruck
d50 at scr8pfest 11 custom mitsubishi
Scr8pFest minitruck minitruck show
custom minitruck engine Scr8pFest 11
slammed Sonoma Scr8pFest Custom Paint Dakota
Body dropped ranger Scr8pFest mini truck
Scr8pFest bd ranger
custom square body s10 Scr8pFest minitruck show
Scr8pFest Nissan Scr8pFest 11 toyota
Scr8pFest Mazda on Air Scr8pFest
Scr8pFest 11 green minitruck
Scr8pFest 11
Scr8pFest S-10 custom s10
Shaved S-10 Scr8pFest minitruck Custom S-10 Bed Scr8pFest minitruck
S-10 Rear air bags s10 suicide doors
Scr8pFest 11 Scr8pFest 11
No Regrets T1000 No limit club Scr8pFest
Scr8pFest 11 custom Scr8pFest 11 S-10
Scr8pFest 11 S-10 layin body Scr8pFest 11 S-10 with flames flake
Scr8pFest 11 Scr8pFest mini truck
Scr8pFest red s10 S-10 Scr8pFest minitruck
Scr8pFest Frontier
Scr8pFest s dime
Scr8pFest show dropped colorado
Lifted Toyota lifted Toyota Scr8pFest
300c conversion Scr8pFest 300c truck
Shaved Sonoma wild paint Scr8pFest
Scr8pFest Scr8pFest s10
Scr8pFest custom painted truck flame truck Scr8pFest
custom paint Scr8pFest custom paint Scr8pFest
Scr8pFest custom truck Scr8pFest tandem tandom minitruck
Scr8pFest 11 wire wheels Scr8pFest dragger
custom orange s10 Scr8pFest custom engine Scr8pFest
Scr8pFest Scr8pFest s-dime custom s10

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