Pebble Pushers' Scr8pFest 11

     The Scr8pFest 11 RatRods were "Eye Catching" to say the least at this year's Scr8pFest!  I have been to several shows this year, and at almost every show, I have seen a minimum of one Rat Rod!  This style of custom car building appears to be making a comeback in the past couple of years.  Its fun to see the different road signs, among other things, that are used to construct this type of vehicle.  

     The bodies, engines and interiors of the Rat Rods at Scr8pFest all had special touches added to them for the overall look of the cars.  For instance, the Sinners Chop Shop Rat Rod below had straight pipe mounted directly to the heads for the exhaust to pass through.  The Sinners Rat Rod also had some custom pin striping applied directly over rust on its chopped top.   What impressed me was the four-link rear suspension with modern-day air ride.  This seemed out of place, but still added to the unique look of the vehicle, hence Rat Rod.

The next Rat Rod had some unique features as well.  How about the "No Bull-Crap" stickers on the intake scoop.  There was a nostalgic pin-up doll on the firewall, and even an antique oil can lodged beside the engine block!  I wonder if his front license plate is legal in North Carolina?

          Check out the pics below to see some of the Rat Rods that were at the show!

Scr8pfest 11 Sinners Rat Rod Scr8pfest 11 nostalgic rat rod
Scr8pfest 11 Rat Rod engine Scr8pfest 11 Sinners Chop Shop
Scr8pfest 11 car show Scr8pfest 11 rat rod
Scr8pfest 11 car show Scr8pfest 11
Scr8pfest 11 rat rod grill Scr8pfest 11 no bull crap

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