Scr8pfest X Imports


The Scr8pfest X imports and Tuners were really trick and put together very nicely! It can be mind boggling to see how many accessories are made for the types of cars! From electronics to custom suspension to giant wheels, these little cars had it all. Just as much fun and customization goes into these cars as some of the "super Custom" mini trucks that were at the show. The loud exhaust on these Custom Import Tuners definitely kept us on our toes during the show.

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Custom Civic Honda Civic with a 350 Polished Chevy 350
Yeah, thats a 350 in this Honda Civic! Not exactly a sleeper Polished Chevy 350 in this Honda Civic

Honda Civic Heineken Airbrushed VW AirBrushed VW
"Honda Heiney" Airbrushed and Dragging VW Airbrushed VW

Custom Interior Honda Civic Custom Shaved Honda Civic Custom Paint Honda Civic
Custom Interior Honda Civic Custom Shaved Honda Civic Custom Paint Honda Civic

Custom Mitubishi Custom Chevy Cavalier Custom Toyota Import
Custom Mitubishi Custom Shaved Chevy Cavalier with Cadillac Taillights Custom Toyota Import

Custom Scion Custom Blue Honda Civic Honda Civic Custom Interior
There were lots of Custom Scions at the Pebble Pushers Scr8pFest X Tricked Out Blue Honda Civic Tricked Out Blue Honda Civic Interior

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