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This was my first time attending the Slammin n Jammin car and truck show and it definitely won't be my last year!  The show was presented by Falken Tire and featured many vendors selling all kinds of accessories!  It was a 7 hour drive for me from Concord, NC to Lebanon, TN where the show was held.  I trailer’d my Impala through the Blue Ridge Parkway Mountains... Not fun!  Luckily my Chevy 2500HD was up to the task!

After I pulled into the show on Saturday, I realized I was in for a real surprise!  The line to get in took almost an hour to drive through.  There were hundreds of show cars already in the show area and I was in line with about 100 more, with plenty more rides showing up through the day.  Fortunately this show was help in an event center that was more than adequate to hold all of the killer show cars and trucks!

The rain held off all day and everyone had their rides sparkling in the overcast weather.  The humidity was almost drowning me, but I pulled through just like everyone else.  The rain from the previous night helped keep the dust level to a minimum so I didn't have to keep dusting the Impala off every ten minutes.  I was glad to have some time to walk around and get some decent pictures of a lot of the cars and trucks that were there.

Just after I got my Impala to what I call clean (aka spotless!), I was approached by Elite Streets Magazine and was asked if I would be interested in having my car in a photo-shoot with this gorgeous model.  I was like, "Hell Yeah!"  An hour later, I brought the car back to where I was before and got back to cleaning so I could go ahead and get my Impala judged.  

The judging at Slammin n Jammin was done by what is called, "drive-through judging."  This is where you actually drive you r vehicle through a set aside lane and judges walk around your car to take note of all your mods and things like cleanliness, quality of build, uncommon ideas, etc.  I among many other people don't really like this kind of judging because not matter how clean you get your vehicle, some dirt will get on it by the time you get to the judges.  However, it would be a lot to ask of the judges to walk to every car in the show field to judge every car since there were over 1000 entries this year!

I'm proud to say that I took home first place in domestic RWD at Slammin n Jammin!

Check out the pics below to see some of the sickest rides at the show! There wasn't enough time in the day for me to get a picture of every ride, but I'm sure you will enjoy the ones that I did get!

I'll see you there next year!
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