Southeast Showdown 2008


July 18-20 2008 in Anderson, SC

The Scrapin the Smokies Flier

Acrophobia's Southeast Showdown Custom Car, Truck, and Bike Show was held in Anderson, SC at the Anderson County Fairgrounds July 18-20.  This show was Awesome!  The show featured hundreds of custom cars and trucks, but also featured some of the East Coast's finest in modified minitrucks.  Little Shop of Horrors brought out there Spike Truck, which is an all metal work of art.  My personal favorite was the burgundy and gun-metal D-50 that got "Best Debuting Truck."  It was definitely hot at this show though.  The temp gauge in my Impala read 105ยบ F!  Luckily we had a canopy to give us a little shade.  Another plus of this show was the food.  A vendor came out to the show and made the best BBQ ever!  Cars and trucks were dragging by all day and the music was loud as ever.  

Please look through the pictures below to see some of the coolest rides at Acrophobia's SE Showdown Custom Car, Truck, and Bike Show

Custom Mini Trucks 
Southeast Showdown minitruck
Southeast Showdown Mini-truck
custom mini truck

Southeast Showdown Minitruck s10
Southeast Showdown S-10 layin' rockers
Southeast Showdown Ranger
Body dropped Ranger at the show

Southeast Showdown Little Shop of Horrors
Little Shop of horrors spike truck
Southeast Showdown Spike truck
Little Shop of Horrors added a special touch to this all metal bed
Southeast Showdown mini truck

Southeast Showdown D50
This bed is all metal!

Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors
Acrophobia Southeast Showdown
Simple looking, but the giant gauge in the dash tells the driver all of the engine's vitals
S-10 on 24s Southeast Showdown 24
Body-dropped S-10 on 24's
body-dropped S-10 on 24's
the wheels on this S-10 stick up 1.5 inches above the fender when its layed out.
Southeast Showdown Frontier
This Frontier was dropped on air and drug it all day on Saturday!
Southeast Showdown

two-tone S10
enough said...
Southeast Showdown Custom S-10 Southeast Showdown
Southeast Showdown Southeast Showdown
Southeast Showdown minitruck
Southeast Showdown Acrophobia
S-10 Centerline wheels
This S-10 was sporting some 20 inch Centerline Billet Wheel Blanks (the wheels were solid with no holes, except for the lugs) hydraulics
The rear of the minitruck was jacked sky-high on hydraulic cylinders

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