Air ride Suspension Switch Box 


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   An air ride switch box is a necessary component for all air suspension systems  They are what you use to control your air valves to inflate and deflate your air bags.

   Since each switch in your switch-box controls a particular function, like inflating or deflating (dumping) your front bags, or rear  bags, or individual bags, controlling your air system is easy!  The use of a switch-box will allow you to lift your air suspension to get up those steep driveways; get over those ridiculous rail road crossings; and of course drive over speed bumps without destroying the front of your air ride equipped car or truck.  Likewise, you need a switch-box in order to lay out your custom street car or custom truck at the next car show or cruise in, or if you just want to show how low your ride can go!  switch box, air ride switch box, avs air ride controller, spike switch box, ARC-7-KNUC, air bag suspension controller

   The most important feature of using a switch-box is having the ability to fine tune your air pressure in your bags to achieve the perfect ride height and/or ride quality.

   Most switch-boxes have several switches, some more than others of course, but keep in mind that each switch has a particular function.  With a little practice, you will remember what each does and master the usefulness of your air suspension switch-box!

   The installation of a switch-box for your air suspension may sound a little difficult, but installation is actually pretty simple.  The switch-boxes we offer have 1/2 of the work done for you!  Only simple wiring connections need to be made to fully install your switch-box.  We even include wiring charts and or diagrams to help you out!

   Basically, each of your vehicle's air valves are controlled by a 12 volt power source. A switch-box simply directs the power to the appropriate valves to do functions like lifting or dumping depending on how you wire it up.  A 12 volt fused power wire sends power into the switch-box and the switch box then distributes the power to the particular valves that the switch controls. switch box, air ride switch box, avs air ride controller, spike switch box, ARC-7-CL, air bag suspension controller

   Each of the switch-boxes we offer are pre-wired and feature extra cable that allows you to have maneuverability with your switch box.  This will let you hold the switch-box in your lap, stick it over in the passenger seat, or even let it rest on your dash.

switch box, air ride switch box, 10 switch box,air suspension controller
  When it comes to controlling your air suspension system, you may want to get a little High-Tech and go with our state-of -the-art Auto Pilot switch box controller system that includes features like automatic ride-height, self-leveling, multi-color (digital) display, and even 8 presets.  

     No matter which style you choose... Any switch box you purchase from us will not only simplify controlling your air suspension, but will also be easy to install and will last you for years to come!!

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