Trucker Speaker Grilles

(12" Subwoofer Grille)

These mirror-polished Trucker speaker grilles for the "thump in your trunk" are just what you need to set off your sound system! Hot-Rodders, Mini truckers, and custom car/truck builders alike can really trick out your subwoofer(s) and enclosure with these custom billet speaker grilles.  

Trucker 12"
Billet Speaker Grille Grilles Grill Grills trucker

  • Replace those old worn-out and cracked plastic subwoofer grilles that have been ruining the looks of your sound system
  • Set off your sound system with the mirror polish of these billet grilles
  • Never been offered for Custom Cars before
  • Install very easily

Billet Speaker Grille Grilles Grill Grills trucker Billet Speaker Grille Grilles Grill Grills trucker

  • Fits Over the entire front of your circular 12" Subwoofer and mount directly to the enclosure, not through your Sub. (Spacers will be included to allow the use of these grilles on Subwoofers with tall surrounds/excursions)
  • Machined from a solid piece of Aluminum-(These are not weak plastic!)
  • Feature 4 mounting holes to prevent rattling or coming loose
  • Unlike any other speaker grille ever made
  • Polished to perfection

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