1948 Peugeot customized in Thailand

by phen reinhard

the fastback or torpedo look

the fastback or torpedo look

we started with a wrecked Peugeot car and a Peugeot ambulance , and used a 90's Toyota truck and car for mechanical parts, 4 cylinder motor and automatic transmission,front frame, rear end assembly and 4 wheel power brakes and power steering .we had a custom radiator made , and handmade dashboard, with gauges from VW. we added air conditioning because its hot in Thailand. the body is heavily modified with cuts every where . the inspiration came from my love of 1947 Pontiacs.the front and back ends were cut off and remade from new flat sheets of metal . the grill bars were hand made from tubing, to form whats called the waterfall look of the late 40's American cars. the rear portion of the roof was chopped 12 inches on a pie shaped cut, to compress it downward to form the fastback look of the Pontiac .it then had to have the proper curve put into it . all the side window openings are handmade. the B pillars are made after a copy off of the internet of a 1947 Pontiacs pillars. the rear doors were welded shut. the front doors were stretched 7 1/2 inches.the door handles are from a Nissan car. the windwings were eliminated. the monoque frame/body was shortened 20 centimeters. the wheel well shape was changed . the headlights are from a jeep . welded in to the front fenders. the tailights are from a 1949 ford . the bumpers are 60's VW buses heated and reshaped to the proper curve to match the grill in front and to match the newly formed trunk lid in the rear. the rear window opening is hand made after the shape of a 1939 Fiat. the hood now has a backwards hood scoop to help with cooling of the motor. all mounting hardware was hand made,from bumper supports to motor mounts, etc . all of this was done at an incredible body and frame shop called Chiang Mai Lamphun Service owned and operated by Sriton Chiwong by the extremely talented bodyman khun Lek.

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