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Use the best car wax or best paint sealant to protect the finish of your car and add the shine that you crave for you car!  In addition to protection and shine, the wax and paint sealant we offer also does an excellent job at hiding those pesky imperfections in your paint like swirl marks and other minor eye sores.  All of the waxes and paint sealants we carry are easy to apply by hand or machine and leave no white residue.  The excess is easy to remove by simply buffing with your microfiber towel.

 Do I need car wax or paint sealant?  Which is best for my application?

 These are common, but important, questions and I will do my best to answer them and help you decide between the two.

Car wax is intended to protect your car or truck’s paint finish.  It does this by filling in the pores of your paint with actual Carnauba wax and blends in to create an extremely smooth surface, especially after polishing.  Blocking UV light and making water bead on the surface are more benefits of using an auto wax.  Wax is also intended to add depth and clarity to your vehicle’s finish to create the “Wet Look” that we all want for our paint finish.  Unfortunately, wax is not permanent and must be applied at least four times per year.   A garage kept vehicle will require less wax application than a vehicle that is left out in the sun all day.  Car enthusiasts who enjoy waxing their car will appreciate the ease-of-use of our products which keep their car or truck looking spectacular for the next car show or drive through town.

Paint sealant is a man-made product that actually sits on top of your paint and forms a coat of armor like a shell.  Paint sealant is preferred by many daily drivers that don’t have time to wax there car every 3 months, but still want protection for their vehicle's finish.  A paint sealant with quality like ours can be expected to offer full protection and water beading for close to a year!  Paint sealant will produce a brilliant shine and also hide minor imperfections like swirl marks and light scratches, however it will not produce the depth and clarity of our carnauba waxes.

All summed up...

Both car wax and paint sealant will protect your vehicle’s paint from the elements (UV light, acid rain, bird droppings, etc.).  Carnauba wax is a favorite among car enthusiasts who love to wax their vehicle and will produce depth and color clarity for a wet-look shine for your paint, but must be reapplied every three months.  Paint sealant will produce a brilliant shine, but not quite as much depth or color clarity as our best car wax and needs to be reapplied every 9-10 months.  Paint sealant is ideal for people who want the most shine with as little maintenance as possible.

     The car wax and paint sealant we offer are used by professionals and beginners alike. The wax and sealant can be applied by hand. For better performance and results, an orbital or high speed buffer is recommended depending on your experience.

Add depth, clarity, and protection for your paint by using our best car wax products below

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Cherry Wet Look WaxQuick Wax #31Horizon Paint Glaze

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