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There are many types of custom cars in the automotive industry!  On this, and the following pages, I will explain some of the different types.   In each section you will be able to see pictures that demonstrate each type.  Do you have a Favorite type?  

What is a Custom Car?

A Custom Car is basically a vehicle that has been modified to please the owner in ways that make the car better, or more usable, and especially more stylish for the owner.  The owner will modify things like the body to give the exterior a sleeker look.  One popular exterior modification is to "Shave" the door handles. This is where the builder takes the door handles off of the exterior of the car and welds the remaining holes shut.  The doors would then be opened electronically with a solenoid. 

     The builder might modify the engine to create more power, or install some chrome-plated items to add a little flash under the hood.  Or if the car was intended to be a daily-driver, the owner might make some power-train modifications to give the vehicle better fuel economy.  It really just depends on what your intentions are for the car.

Most car customizers will go all out on their vehicle to create a comfortable, and functional, interior.  This is where the owner will spend most of his time, right?! So why not create a look that is pleasing to him with lots of gadgets (TVs, Radio, Upholstery, etc.) to look at, use, or to make him more comfortable!

Cars have changed throughout history with new trends, styles, and even building methods... Custom Classic Cars 

Custom classic car 56 chevy custom classic Camarocustom cutlass
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Usually one will see hotrods and custom vehicles  at car shows and cruise-ins and they will feature full restorations and some serious customizing!

Ford Essex 37 fordcustom hotrod
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Lowrider is an older type of car that has been restored or customized and fitted with a suspension modification, usually hydraulics... 

Impala lowrider lowrider interior
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Most custom import cars, also known as "tuner cars," were originally produced in Asia and Europe.  As the name implies, these cars were shipped to the United States.  A tuner car is basically an imported car that provides excellent gas mileage, comfort and practicality.
custom import car custom body kit import tunerdomestic tuner cavalier
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Modified Domestic Cars- Modern modified cars are some of the most unique vehicles on the road today!  These hooked-up rides feature the latest in custom modifications and styling trends!

custom 03 Impala Custom 96 Impala
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