Air Suspension Valves


     Air suspension valves are a required component of any automotive air ride system.  These are the "gates" that allow air to flow from your air tank to your air bags through air line.  Our valves are normally closed and air can't pass through until the valve is activated with 12 volt power from your toggle switch, controller, or switchbox. When the "fill" valve opens, air will flow from your tank to inflate your air spring(s). When activating the "dump" valve, the air will be released from the bags and the vehicle will lower.  The valves below can be used for either filling or dumping air.  

     Typically, you will want two air valves per bag to give you the ability to inflate or deflate each bag independently of one another. This will require a total of 8 valves. Installing them in this manner will give you independent airbag control, or FBSS (Front, Back, Side, Side) control depending on your controller or wiring method.  Otherwise, if you are only interested in front & rear control separately, then you should only need to use 4 valves total.  The choice is completely up to you!

     If you want your air bag suspension setup to be reliable, you need to use the best air suspension valves available!  The valves we offer are the highest of quality and frequently install these in customer vehicles.  We offer our valves in 1/2 inch for the ultimate in speed, 3/8 inch for medium speed, and 1/4 for those of you that want to lift and lower your vehicle a little more slowly.  Our valves are constructed of brass and stainless steel.  They feature machine cut threads and heavy duty solenoids for years of worry free use!  Take a look at the sizes we offer below and click for more information on each. 

1/2 inch fast air bag suspension valve

1/2 inch ASCO Air Valves

Reliable, High Speed lifting and lowering of your air bag suspension.

3/8 inch air bag suspension valve, medium speed air bag valve, asco air valve

3/8 inch ASCO Air Valves

Reliable, medium speed lifting and lowering of your air bag suspension.  Our Best Sellers!

1/4 inch Air Bag Valve, slow air suspension valve

1/4 inch ASCO  Air Valves

Reliable, Slow Speed, for lifting and lowering of your air bag  suspension.  A Hot-rodder's Favorite!

Our air bag suspension valves are assembled in a quality controlled environment, all feature heavy duty components, and are extremely durable. These are top of the line and you can expect quality from each that we offer!

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