1/2 Air line
D.O.T. Approved
(sold in 1 foot increments)

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dot air line, airline, suspension

The 1/2 inch air line we offer is excellent for use in your air bag suspension or for your air horn.  It is the largest in diameter we sell and can move plenty of air, and quickly.  Remember that the larger diameter of airline you use, the faster the air will flow through it and will affect the speed of which your air suspension lifts or lowers your vehicle.  Our 1/2 inch size is most commonly used in vehicles whose owners want their custom car or truck's air suspension to lift and lower fast.  However, it can be used as a supply line from your tank to your valves, or from your valves to your air bags.

 When it comes to air suspension, it is vital that you use DOT approved, nylon reinforced, airline like ours.  
The last thing you need is to blow an airline when driving your custom car or custom truck down the road and the airline we offer is reinforced to withstand the fatigue of any air suspension system!

Check out these features!
  • ALL of the airline we sell is D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) Approved! 
  • Our Airline can be used throughout your entire air suspension system. For air valve supply, tank lines, air compressor lines, you name it!  
  • Our airline can withstand momentary burst pressures up to 1000psi.  That will be more than enough to supply the air to your bags!  (Normal operating pressure should not exceed 250 psi.) 
  • Our airline is reinforced with nylon to withstand the rigorous stress of any air suspension system
  • Our airline is kink-resistant and remains flexible through a wide range of temperatures
  • You can use our airline to flow air to any of your other air accessories, or tools. Use for your air horns too!

Airline is sold in 1 foot increments.  (If you buy a quantity of 1, you will receive 1 foot of the airline in the size you choose.  If you buy a quantity of 4 you will receive 4 feet of the airline size you choose.)

Our Price is only $1.40

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