Airlift 3P/3H
Digital Air Management System
Starts at $1615.00 from us!

Airlift Performance
Airlift Performance has introduced the Airlift 3P 3H Air Management System which is the easiest to use, most advanced, easy to install, pressure and height based, air bag suspension air management package on the market!  We are excited to offer it to you at YourCustomCar!

air lift, 3p, basic kit, wiring harness, manifold, controller, water trap

To start with, the controller for the Airlift 3P fits in the palm of your hand and can be held like a traditional switchbox or it can be mounted to your dash or console on the interior of your vehicle.  The controller is housed in a durable black anodized, CNC-machined casing.  It features an easy connection to the system by using the integrated micro-usb port on the back.  It also allows for vertical or horizontal mounting.

  The TFT display (with adjustable backlight) display shows you the air pressure in each of the four corners of your air suspension (Front Left, Front Right, Rear Left and Rear Right) as well as the tank air pressure.  It also shows 4-corner Active-Height Readings for those using the height sensor option.

air lift, 3p, 3h, digital, controller
Handheld Controller

The buttons on the front of the controller allow the user to control each air bag independently up and down.  Other buttons (in the center) allow the user to set up to 5 custom (adjustable) presets for pressure or height of vehicle.

  For instance, preset 1 would normally be set up to be your desired ride height.  Preset 2 could be set up to be lowest ride height, preset 3 might be used for all the way lowered or aired out.  The presets are completely and easily adjustable to satisfy any ride height you may desire!  Not only does the Airlift 3P / 3H give you 5 presets, but it also “learns” your vehicle to give you incredibly accurate control at the push of a button.  Whether you are riding low, or at drive height, or all the way up, this system constantly monitors the air pressures and maintains them according to your presets.

Manual mode is also incorporated into the control if you desire to do a little more “switch hitting” and want to lift and lower manually for the ultimate in 4 corner adjustability.  Another cool feature is the “auto ride-height” that activates when you turn on your ignition.  Turn your custom car or truck ignition on and the system will automatically take you up to your preset ride height. This feature can be disabled easily through the control panel.


air lift, 3p, 3h, digital, controller

airlift performance, 3p, 3h, bluetooth, i-phone, android, controller
Use your Apple I-Phone, or Android Phone to controll the system and perform updates wirelessly!

The ultimate air suspension setup needs the most advanced manifold and the Airlift Performance has nailed it!  

airlift performance, 3p, 3h, air bag, manifold, air manifold for suspension

Check out these of the manifold features:

High Grade
No compromise has been made, using the best components and materials in existence. 

Advanced Processing
The state-of-the-art 32-bit processor powers advanced height + pressure algorithms for the most precise 4-corner control.
Single Harness Connection
The system comes with a simple and streamlined wiring harness for an easy and clean install.
Fully Integrated
Less components to buy and install with the ECU, manifold, and Bluetooth in one.

Built-in Bluetooth
No antennas, hardware, or additional accessories are needed to connect your mobile device to the manifold.
The system detects the movement of the vehicle and makes accurate and intelligent adjustments at the right time.
Limitless Mounting Options
The compact design, harness connector location, and rotatable logo plate all allow for limitless placement options.

Connect any existing compatible height sensors to Airtlift 3P, or easily upgrade with the 3H height upgrade package, and you now have the Airlift Performance 3H.

airlift performance, height sensor, upgrade, 3h
Optional Height Sensor Kit
airlift performance, height sensor, 3h, sensor
With precise height adjustment to fit your driving needs, whether its on a race track or your daily city course, vehicle height sensors will allow you to dial in the exact height you want your vehicle to ride at. The height sensors, placed at each of the four corners of your suspension, along with the pressure based application of the Airlift Performance 3P system, cross loading and body roll can virtually be eliminated.  This will give you the best handling you can imagine with an air suspension setup.  

The Airlift Performance Height Sensors have been engineered to focus on creating an improved height sensor arm with an angular design to increase sensor-life when compared to straight-arm sensors.
3H height sensor cables have tiny connectors, which mean they have the ability to fit through many existing holes in the vehicle's frame and body. No more drilling large holes!

Installation is a breeze!  After mounting the components, simply hook up a few wires to your battery, one to the ignition, plug up the OEM style harness(s) and you’re ready to go!  The illustrated instruction/owner’s manual will guide you through calibrating the system, setting your presets and how to properly use the system. Each Airlift Performance 3P / 3H System is 100% function and leak tested at the factory after assembly, so you can cruise the streets in confidence!

Durability of the Airlift 3P & 3H Systems

3,000,000 cycles
airlift, performance, 3p, testedThe Height Sensors, Controller, and Manifold have successfully undergone 3,000,000 cycles on a test rig simulating 300,000 miles on a vehicle!

 Hydro Punished
airlift, performance, 3p, 3h, water test, waterproof, water proofComponents have all been tested in various hydro simulations to insure that they are all water resistant!

Fried and Frozen
airlift performance, 3p, temperature testComponents were baked to a blistering 167°F  and arctic chilled to -40°F to insure they will work, whatever your climate!

Dedicated Customer Service
Buying Airlift Products means you get access to their industry leading customer service and technical support!

Our Airlift 3P Price starts at only $1615.00

Upgrade to 3H System with Height Sensor Kit?

Add Air Tank?

Add Compressor?

Add 2nd Compressor Wiring Harness to run 2 Comps?

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