Great American Race Auto Show

Here are more magnificent  cars and trucks that were at the Great American Race auto show! Please be sure to click on the images so that you can see an enlarged version
Blue Corvette Stingray Everyone stopped by this immaculate blue corvette
yellow corvette Another fine example of what hard work can lead to in your classic car restoration as can be seen in this yellow Corvette at the show!
Shiny Red Corvette Look at the shine on this one!
Custom Cruiser Caught a quick shot of this Custom Cruiser as it was turning at the stoplight
Foose Wheels How would you like to have a set of Foose Wheels like this on your Corvette!
Classic Corvette This Classic Corvette was heading home!
Classic Corvette There it goes! Must be nice riding in that classic beauty!
1956 Ford Fairlane This is a perfectly restored 1956 Ford Fairlane
Clown on stilts That has always looked so difficult to do!
Piedmont PrimeTime Community Band The Piedmont Prime Time Community Band Volunteered to provide some great musical entertainment for hundreds of people at the show! Thanks!

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