Plan a Budget For Your Custom Build

It is important to Plan a Budget for your custom build. is not a financial advising company by any means, other than offering you competitive prices on your custom car or truck parts, but we have put together a very basic list of some things for you to consider when thinking about your budget for your next custom build.

  • Gather your income vs. expenses and determine how much you can afford to spend to build a custom car, custom truck, lowrider, or off road vehicle.

  • Are you going to buy the vehicle that you are going to customize or are you going to modify a vehicle that you already own?

  • Create a spreadsheet using programs on your computer, or on paper, that will allow you to categorize the spending for your next custom build. For example, determine how much you want to spend on the actual purchasing of the car or truck that you want to modify. You should also have a section just for the engine, for example, to list how much you estimate that you will need to spend, or limit yourself to, on repairs, performance, and dress up. Do the same for the interior, body/bodywork, chassis, suspension, or whatever you can think of to categorize. Do your absolute best to stick to the planned budget for your custom build, but try not to cut too many corners!

  • Another aspect to consider in the budget for your custom build is if you plan to sell your custom ride upon completion. If you consider the money you will recover upon selling your custom ride, this may help offset your expenses. Keep in mind that if you do plan to sell your custom build, it is very likely that you will not get all of your invested money back, unless you are building this custom for someone who has agreed to pay you for your services, or you are really good at custom car fabrication and people want what you have built.

  • Be sure to allow for the cost of hiring someone to do some of the work for you. There may come a time when the task-at-hand is something that you do not know how to do or are not familiar with, and maybe because you do not have the proper tools to do the job (perhaps welding, or assembling a cylinder head).

  • The cost of insuring your Custom ride, for those times when the idiot parking next to you opens their door to far, GRRRRR! Insurance can be very expensive, especially on tall off road vehicles, so think about this when planning the budget for your custom build.

  • Big equal lots of gas. Whether it’s a big-block engine, a big “Lead Sled,” or a big SUV, the price of gas should definitely be considered in the budget for your custom build.

  • Another important part of your budget to be considered is the purchasing of Custom Car Parts and accessories. You can really save yourself some time and money if you try to plan what you need and where you will purchase it at reasonable prices. can help with that!

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