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Custom classic Cars is a term that can be used to describe older cars, although the exact definition of a classic car will be argued over coffee tables for an eternity.  For instance the Classic Car Club of America says that 1948 is the last year for a car to be considered a classic. I on the other hand, feel that a classic car can be as new as 1974, but must have been built in limited quantities and or have a unique feature in their design.  I am sure   many will agree. With that said, a classic car can also be custom.  Many of the vehicles that were produced before 1974 did not feature commodities that we all expect to have in our newer cars, like power windows or even radios!  Some custom classic car owners have modified their vehicles to have these features when they didn't originally come equipped with them.  So, this makes them custom.  Of course there are some owners who turn their classic into a full custom with the addition of things like custom paint, custom wheels, air ride suspension, mobile video, etc! 

Classic custom car 56 chevy Classic custom car 56 chevy engine Classic custom car 56 chevrolet interior

Many of the owners of these cars will not want to customize them, as modifying the original parts of the car can detract from its value, but where is the fun in that? However, those cars that are modified with taste, or style, can really turn out to be beautiful creations.  It’s great to see old cars like these that have had modern accommodations installed like the electronics found in today’s vehicles!

 A few example s of what I consider to be custom classic cars may include a hooked up 55-57 Chevy, or even mid sixties cars like the infamous 1964 Impala, or 69 Chevelle, or even Mustangs of the late 60’s. These are what I like to see!  You can often find custom classic cars at local cruise-ins and definitely at car shows. 

Take a look below to see some examples of custom classic cars.

Classic custom car falcon Classic custom car Buick Riviera Classic custom car Chevy Wagon
Classic custom car Chevrolet Wagon Ram Jet Classic custom car camaro ss Classic custom car camaro
Classic custom car Classic custom car gto Classic custom car z28
Classic custom car z28 Classic custom car chevelle Classic custom car cutlass custom paint

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