Autobarn Custom Classic Cars Show 
July 21, 2007


While walking through this Custom Classic Cars Show, I came across some great custom car builders, and really enjoyed the music that was playing through the the loud speakers throughout the day. I came across a few rides that really stood out for me. The first few pictures on this page feature a Classic hot rod (1941 Chevy) with an AMAZING custom paint job which was probably in the price range of about $20,000! I know that is a lot of money, but when someone invests that kind of cash into his paint job you know that this person is a serious custom car builder! However, the custom cars with the paint jobs that were not as expensive looked great too!

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1941 Chevy 41 Chevy 1941 Chevy Hot Rod
1941 Chevy 1941 Chevy (b) 1941 Chevy (C)
41 Chevy Hot Rod 1941 Chevy Rod 50 51 Ford
1941 Chevy (d) 1941 Chevy (e) 50-51 Ford
1955 Chevy Belair 57 Chevy Delivery 56 Ford Victoria
1955 Chevy Belair 57 Chevy Sedan Delivery 56 Ford Victoria
56 Ford Club Sedan 56 Ford Club Sedan 1956 Ford Club Sedan
56 Ford Club Sedan 56 Ford Club Sedan(b) Another 56 Ford Club Sedan

Autobarn Custom Classic Cars Show Page 4

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