Custom Classics at the 2007 Good Guys Rod and Customs Show


Charlotte Motor Speedway
Charlotte, North Carolina 

If I could only go to one Custom Classics show per year, the Good Guys Rod and Custom Nationals Show at Lowe's Motor Speedway would be at the top of my list. I mean, everything cool about a Custom car show was here. Good guys knows how to do it right! It is awesome to see this kind of variety at a car and truck show. Virtually every American brand of car and trucks prior to 1972 could be found at this show. Its not very often, if ever, that you see a custom Willys driving down the road. Or how about the 1960 Buick pictured below? I have never seen one of these prior to this show. The Custom Studebakers were definitely fun to see and dream about building!

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64 Rambler Wagon 1960 Buick Convertible 60 Buick Front
64 Rambler Wagon 1960 Buick Convertible 60 Buick Front
60 Buick Interior 1956 Buick Roadmaster Custom 49 Mercury
60 Buick Interior 1956 Buick Roadmaster Now THAT is a Chrome Bumper! Custom 49 Mercury
1949 Mercury Engine 49 Mercury Interior 1956 Mercury
1949 Mercury Engine 1949 Mercury Interior 1956 Mercury
56 Mercury 1956 Mercury Interior Custom Mercury Taillights
Engine in the 56 Mercury 56 Merc Interior Custom 56 Mercury Taillights
1940 Willys Swoopster Willys Swoopster Engine 1940 Willys Interior
1940 Willys Swoopster Willys Swoopster Engine 1940 Willys Interior

41 Willys 41 Willys engine 41 Wilys Rear
This 41 Willys Coupe was Low and Mean 41 Willys Engine...Kind of reminded me of that movie "Aliens" Tuckin 24's in this 41 Willys Coupe

Pumpkin Hot Rod 1948 Hudson 48 Hudson Custom
This Custom Truck was very Seasonal! 1948 Hudson "Flame-On!" Custom 48 Hudson with Shaved Handles
1942 Studebaker Champion 42 Studebaker 1942 Studebaker Interior
Ity really says something when you can find a car this rare, a 1942 Studebaker Champion, and then go totally Custom with it! 42 Studebaker Champion engine Interior of the Custom 42 Studebaker Champion

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