Ways To Make Your Engine a Custom Engine

Turn your engine into a custom engine

In most cases, pieces that are already on your engine can be polished, chrome plated, painted or simply cleaned or restored in order to give them an excellent new and unique look. For instance, the hood latch assembly, engine bay braces, strut tower braces, the water pump, and many more could be painted polished or chromed for a beautiful, tasteful look. In the following list, you will find a few suggestions of modifications you can make to help your engine compartment look awesome or to give your engine a clean and custom appearance.

  • custom valve covers (chrome, polished or custom painted)
  • polished or chrome air intake or air cleaner lid
  • Ceramic coated exhaust headers (a ceramic coating will not only make your exhaust headers look like chrome, but it can also greatly reduce under-hood temperatures
  • Polished Billet fuel rail covers for those with an Chevrolet LT, or LS based motor
  • Polished Plenum Cover, or polished intake manifold can really make a big difference for your custom engine
  • Replace your original caps and covers (i.e. oil cap, power steering cap, master cylinder/brake reservoir cap, radiator cap, etc.) with chrome or polished aluminum caps and covers
  • Replace the original pulleys on the engine with chrome ones or paint your existing pulleys

    Polished Billet Pulley Covers

  • Remove and replace all of the old dirty wire loom(conduit-like tubes of plastic, that covers wires) with new wire loom. Different colors are even available for this, so you could carry the color of your car’s exterior right onto the motor very easily. Black will look good on any engine though. Using wire loom will also allow you to organize your wire bundles.
  • Chrome or painted radiator brace
  • Chrome alternator or alternator fan
  • clean all of your rubber hoses (radiator, heater, even battery cables) and apply a vinyl/rubber protectant on them to make them really shine!
  • Another option for your radiator or heater hose would be to replace them with a colored silicone set or some chrome (cool-Flex) hoses.
  • Chrome or billet battery box or battery hold down (a battery box is a metal container that holds and protects your your battery, a battery hold down is a metal or plastic piece that clamps your battery in place, similar to what came on the car originally, but looks way better)Polished Billet Battery Box

The possibilities to making your engine look spectacular are endless! Use your imagination to get the look you want

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