Our Custom Impala SS 

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Custom Impala SS

 custom impala ss, 2 inch cowl hood, fiber glass front , custom headlights, Stillen bumper cover                                                   
The Front of our 1996 Custom Impala SS features a custom front bumper cover, fiberglass hood with 2 inch cowl- Induction, hand-fabricated hood extension and grill shell, upper and lower polished billet grills, custom headlights and blue tinted corners

custom impala ss front, 2 inch cowl hood, fiber glass front , custom headlights, Stillen bumper cover
The front lays out pretty hard to tuck the 22's a few inches and throw sparks from the crossmember while dragging the frame at night

custom impala ss on airbags, air bagsPassenger rear shot of our Impala at the the shop.  This custom Impala features a "retro" paint job similar to that of a 1957 Chevy Belair 4 door.

custom impala ss with custom paintThe curves of the body really help to show of the pearl in the paint

impala ss, custom inner fender wells, trailer fenders under hoodAfter removing the front inner wheel wells to gain  clearance for the wheels when aired out, we built custom fenders to cover the exposed wheels under the hood.  This helps keep the engine clean while driving and protects from rocks being thrown up into the engine compartment

custom impala ss, starr alloys , tuck 22 inch rims, 5 spoke 22 on impalaClose up of the 22 x 9.5" rear Starr Alloys wheel.  Uses Carbon Series 255/30zr/22 tires out back, and Carbon Series 235/30zr/22 tires up front

impala ss air bag suspension, custom paint impala, slammed impala ssPassenger side view of our Custom Impala SS

impala ss rear, shaved tail lights, taillights, impala ss with rollpan, custom spoilerWe got rid of the rear bumper and installed a fiberglass rear rollpan (with billet insert) in its place. We also completely shaved the tail lights and replaced them with sheetmetal and (4) 14inch LED lights

shaved tail lights on impala ss
The tail light shave is completely seamless and contoured to the slight curve of the rear of the body.

custom impala ss, spoilerWe added a high-rake rear spoiler to finish off the rear body mods

impala ss with shaved door handlesWe shaved all four door handles for a sleek look and to add to the coolness factor

impala ss with shaved wheel wells, trimThe rear wheel-well trim was removed and then the recessed area behind the trim was filled

custom impala ss, shaved rockersThe lower rocker moldings were also shaved

custom impala ss, shaved wiper cowlTo clean up the windshield we removed the windshield wipers and shaved the wiper cowl.  No more driving in the rain!

custom impala ss, hood mirrorUnder the hood, we cut and installed a sheet of polished stainless-steel.

96 impala ss, chrome lt1, billet lt1, show engineThe engine in our custom Impala SS is decked out with tons of polished billet aluminum and chrome along with the  following performance upgrades:  LS Coil Conversion to eliminate troublesome OptiSpark, Ported & polished aluminum LT1 cylinder heads, GMPP 1.6 ratio billet roller rockers, Comp Cams valve springs, Lunati push-rods, ported intake manifold, Holley 52mm throttle body, hand fabricated intake filer, SLP headers (with Jet -Hot coating), PCMforLess Tune, CSR Electric water pump, and a few more things

custom impala ss engine, 96 impala ss, chrome lt1, billet lt1, show engineThis angle of the engine shows custom painted engine bay brace, Powermaster Alternator,  cool-flex hoses, Zoops power steering reservoir, some extreme LED Lighting, and a few other choice goodies

custom 96 impala door jamsThe custom paint paint flows into all four of the door jams. Put TVs in the rear sail windows for all the "haters" out there!

custom impala ss interiorThe interior is fully customized too.  All four seats are covered in sky blue suede and black leather.  The upper dash  features a motorized skull that pops up on command to display the air suspension pressures.  The lower dash has been completely smoothed and painted gloss black.  Polished billet aluminum covers many of the interior panels

custom impala ss dashThis Trenz "Leaping Impala" steering wheel is fully polished billet aluminum, the steering column is painted to match the exterior of the car, and the majority of the the drivers interior view is polished billet aluminum.

custom impala ss speedometerEven the speedometer/tach gauge cluster is accented with polished stainless steel

Custom center console, impala ssThe center console in our custom Impala SS received some work too.  The console was stripped of all carpeting, smoothed and painted to match the exterior of the car.  A custom automatic shift lever and "flaming ball" were fabricated especially for this car.

custom impala consoleUnder the lid of the console you can find the accessory control center to turn on/off any of the air management system or accessories (TV's, video, sound, lighting, etc.) throughout the vehicle

custom impala ss door panel, fiber glass door panel, 96 impalaWe reshaped and fiberglassed all four interior door panels before painting them to match the rest of the vehicle.  These were also accented with polished billet aluminum

custom impala ss door panel, fiber glass door panel, 96 impalaThe rear doors were also reshaped and glassed

custom impala ss trunk, impala subwoofers, impala speakersA false floor was constructed in the rear of our Impala to flush-mount the amplifier, auxiliary battery, air tank, air compressors, and air valves.  Sky blue suede was used on the center panel to tie it i with the interior of the Impala.

viair air compressors, impala ss, impala ss air bagsThe Viair 480c dual-pack compressor kit was tucked away under a 3/8inch thick piece of Acrylic glass

Impala ss extra battery, auxiliary batteryThis panel of acrylic shows the auxiliary battery that is used to run the air compressors and supply enough juice to the amplifier to make the subwoofers pound

impala ss custom subwooferAn integrated LED light makes the sub enclosure glow at night

custom impala trunkClose up shot of the trunk floor/layout in the sun

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