Custom Wheels For Your Ride

 Custom Wheels are not only an easy upgrade for your custom car, but they are also one of the most popular upgrades to help build a custom car, custom truck, lowrider, or "off roader." Custom "rims" can really add to the overall look of your ride. Since wheels can be one of the most expensive upgrades, a lot of thought should be put into which and what type of wheels you want to purchase. One important factor in choosing the best wheel set is to determine the best finish on the wheels for your particular use, or what you intend to put the wheels through.

  • The finish of a chrome wheels probably won’t be the longest lasting finish being that chrome has a tendency to rust, but chrome wheels will have the highest luster, or shine, if the chrome is properly cleaned and dried after washing to prevent rust/tarnish. Although Chrome is the easiest finish to clean, or maintain, attention to detail in cleaning this type of wheel is required. To prolong the finish on a chrome wheel, apply a coat of wax after they are cleaned. Doing so will make the cleaning job much easier next time around. Be careful using "Spray-On Chrome Wheel Cleaners" on your wheels because those types of cleaners are mostly acid and can severely damage the paint of your car if any were to blow onto the surface of your car or truck. If it does, be sure to hose off your paint immediately!

    Polished Aluminum Wheel example

  • Polished aluminum wheels are another way to go. Polished aluminum wheels have there own unique look and can easily be polished to a mirror-like shine. Polished aluminum does tarnish if the finish is not maintained. A chalky white substance, called oxidation, can form on aluminum wheels if they are not polished regularly. Cleaning these wheels can easily be done with a little aluminum polish and elbow grease. Never use any “spray on” wheel cleaner that is not designed specifically for use on polished aluminum wheels, and still be careful even if the bottle says its "OK"!

    Polished Aluminum Wheel example

  • Yet another way to go is to use wheels with a powder-coated finish. This type of finish is one of the toughest finish ever created and is available in thousands of different colors! Powder coating is more-or-less a plastic coating that is chemical and dirt resistant. Powder coated wheels make for great off road wheels because they can resist rust and tarnish much more so than chrome or polished aluminum. Powder coated wheels should be cleaned just like the paint on your car or truck.

    Powder-Coated Wheel example

  • Whether the Custom Wheels are for rocks, racing or show, choose your wheel set carefully as they can really compliment your custom car or custom truck's overall look.

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