Hot Rides Show and Cruise 2009


Metrolina Expo

hot rides showf flier 9-19

The Hot Rides Show and cruise was held at The Metrolina Expo in Charlotte, NC on September 19, 2009.  This show was a little different for me because its rare that you can actually attend a custom car show that's held indoors.  To top that, just outside of the building was a drifting competition that kept all of the visitors entertained all day.  I don't see how those guys can drive those cars like that!  It takes a lot of skill to slide those cars around the cones like they do.  

The hot rides show consisted of about 30 cars.  Most of these cars were imports, but thats not to say that they weren't cool. Several had some impressive mods, while others hadn't been customized that much.  I had the Impala on full display with all of its latest mods and it was a big hit at the show.  It was an event packed car show with hundreds of custom rides showing off their modifications.  A "db drag" was held at the show for car audio enthusiasts to see if there sound system was really as loud as they thought it was.  A db (decibel) drag is a competition for audio enthusiasts to see an actual number for how many decibels there sound system put out. The owners hold a sort of microphone near the bottom of their front window that measures the "loudness" of the sound.  Some of the vehicles there had some serious sound pounding out of there subwoofers!

Another event at hot rides show that is sound related was the exhaust competition where drivers can see just how loud their exhaust is, similar to that of a db drag.  Some of those imports' exhausts were defining!  I remember one Nissan 350z hitting around 164 decibels, which is louder than a JET-ENGINE at close range!

The awards at the hot rides show ceremony was kind of lop-sided since I took home 6, thats right six, "best of show" awards including Best Paint, Best Interior, Best Engine, Best Audio/Video, Best Wheels, and Best Car.  I was very excited to think about just how far my 96 Impala SS had come along over the years.  

Please look through the pictures below to see some of our favorite rides at The Hot Rides Show and Cruise

car show, custom, mazda 626, show car, turbo
Custom Mazda 626
mazda 626 turbo
Mazda 626 engine
custom 626, custom mazda
Huge Greddy intercooler on this Mazda!

custom Nissan 350z, black 350z
This guy was doing some final detailing on his killer 350z for the judges at hot rides show
nissan 350z engine
Spotless twin turbos on this 350z!

custom nissan 350z
This 350 had some huge exhaust to let out that boosted power!
custom 350z
Deep black custom 350z
custom nissan 350z
Custom 350z
custom mitsubishi 3000gt
3000GT ready for some action
Custom modified mitsubishi 3000gt
Custom modified blue 3000GT
blue ford focus 4 door
Ford Focus
custom dodge stealth
Custom Dodge Stealth presented by
custom dodge stealth
The engine in 's Dodge Stealth
3sx dodge stealth
This custom Stealth had some sound in it too!
B.R.E. drift car
This B.R.E Drift car took the win in the street-wise drifting competition
ls6 cadillac
This Cadillac surprised me when I looked under the hood!
cadillac ls6
In case you can't see it, the emblem on the center brace says LS6 !
custom civic hatch
This custom civic hatch was tricked out!
right hand drive civic hatch back
This custom civic hatch was a right hand drive vehicle.  Pretty unusual for the U.S.
Custom civic
He has won several awards in the past with his modified Civic
civic body kit
This was another custom civic hatchback sitting beside the orange one
Custom civic hatchback
Heres the back of the custom burgundy civic hatchback
drifting course cones
I took a break and stepped outside to see this guy setting up some cones on the drift course that had beeen mknocked over

custom modified civic
This green Civic was totally customized!  It had custom paint, engine work, lighting and a heck of a sound system in the back seat!  It was rolling on air ride too
Custom civic engine
Engine and custom headlights in the custom Civic

custom civic sound system subs
Rear seat of the custom civic.  I can tell you that that sound system  was LOUD!
custom civic
Another sdhot of the custom fiberglass enclosure in the back of this custom civic
Custom honda civic trunk
rear of the custom civic

civic air suspension
air ride suspension setup in the trunk

custom 96 chevrolet impala ss
Heres the custom 96 Chevrolet Impala SS fully built by
custom 96 chevrolet impala ss
Custom 96 Chevrolet Impala SS
Impala ss air suspension tucking 20 inch rims hid lights tribal paint
Yeah I can make em get low!
custom 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS
I had the custom 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS shinning good!
impala ss custom seats interior
Here you can see my latest interior mods, custom seats and glassed door panels
custom impala seats
Here are the rear seats and custom speaker deck.  Yeah those seat belts are black!
custom 96 Chevrolet Impala SS rear
Had the custom 96 impala SS on full display

custom painted impala ss tribal house of kolor
Custom tribals in House of Kolor on the SS
custom impala ss lt1
Thats why I got the "Best Engine" award
drift infiniti
This Infiniti was tearing up the drift course!
custom vw jetta
This was an incredibly clean custom VW jetta
custom jetta interior
custom jetta interior
clean jetta
Now that's what friends are for!
custom lancer
Custom Mitsubishi Lancer
lancer interior
Lancer interior
unique olds 442 solar oldsmobile
I've never seen an Oldsmobile 442 Solar like this
oldsmobile solar
He has received several awards for this unique olds in the past.
red 350z
Beautiful red 350z
custom painted civic
The red on this civic was flawless!
civic valve cover
That red civic had the coolest valve cover paint jobs I've ever seen!
civic valve
how do you paint on wood grain?!!

wood grain valve cover
Thats all paint!
Custom red dodge stealth
Highly modified Dodge Stealth
stealth engine
Stealth engine
Custom Stealth interior
Custom Stealth interior
stealth trunk
The electronics in this Stealth trunk baffled me, but it looked cool!
You don't always have to have a full out custom car to attend a car show, as long as you have fun!

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