Impala Airbag Cups Combo
For Impala Caprice and Roadmaster

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Our Impala airbag cups combo comes with all the brackets you need to install airbags in t he front and rear of your 91-96 Impala SS, Caprice, or Roadmaster.
 Buying the combo will save you money and make it easier to install airbags on your B-Body!

The rear cups in this combo/kit are just what you need to get the rear of your B-Body closer to Earth!  These cups fit perfectly in the rear of your Impala, Caprice or Roadmaster.  The upper cups fit into the cross-member pocket where the top of the OE spring originally rested against, and the lower cups sit on the axle housing spring perches.  All you have to do to install is bolt the upper and lower cups to the airbag of your choice. Then remember to run your air line to the bag and use a  threaded rod, washer and nut to hold the bag/cup assembly to the upper crossmember (there's a hole in the center of where the spring was).  Then the lower "cups" sit on the axle spring perch.  Tack weld the lowers in if you feel it to be necessary ( I doubt you will because the fit so well!).  These cups are constructed of high-strength steel for decades of use.  The single port and bolt holes are compatible with any brand air bag.  

Our laser cut 91-96 Caprice or Impala front air bag cups are just what you need to put air suspension on the front of your GM B Body!   These are constructed of 1/4 inch steel and are laser cut to be very precise.  The upper cups easily bolt in place after removing the factory coil spring and shock.  The upper cup slides up into the frame rail where the spring was originally.  It  is held in place by the center stud that goes through the hole where the shock originally mounted to the frame rail.  The lower cups sit in the lower control arm where the factory spring sat and are held in place by two additional studs and nuts.  The mounting holes are cut out to allow you to mount these to any manufacturer's air bags.   

Benefits include:

  • Designed specifically for 91-96 B-Body's (Impala, Caprice, Roadmaster)
  • Constructed of High-Strength laser cut steel
  • kit/combo includes 2 rear upper air bag mounting cups, 2 lower rear axle mount bag brackets, 2 upper front cups, and 2 lower front cups
  • Air port cutout, and bolt holes to allow use of any manufacturers single port air bag

Other sites charge $229.99 for Impala Airbag Cups combos
You Save $50 by shopping with us!
Our Price is only $179.99

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