A lowrider is a term that usually refers to a car that has been restored and customized.  These cars are modified with adjustable suspension systems, like hydraulics or air ride that allow the vehicle to be lowered to the ground for a unique low-riding look, hence the name!  

cadillac lowrider
Slammed Cadillac Low rider

These suspension modifications give the owner/driver the ability to maneuver the vehicle in ways that were never meant to be.  These maneuvers will certainly grab the attention of any onlooker!  Some low riders are modified and strengthened to actually hop off of the ground, which can be measured in feet!  Some other maneuvers include "3-wheel motion," where the car is driven with one of the front wheels lifted off of the ground.   “Around the world" is a maneuver that allows the vehicle to rotate in a complete 360 degree circle by hoping apposing corners (wheels) of the car in sequence that will cause the car to rotate like this.  There are several other maneuvers, some basic like individual corner control, and some more advanced, that this style of vehicle has been known for!

3 wheel motion lowrider regal
Regal low rider in "3-Wheel"

Lowrider hopping hoping 64 impala
low rider Hopping

low riders are also known for their features like incredibly intricate custom paint, plush interiors and tons (sometimes literally) of chrome or gold plating throughout the car, both inside and out!

custom painted lowrider cadillac
Custom Painted low rider
custom lowrider paint painted 
Custom Painted low rider Impala in "3-wheel"
Custom lowrider engine
Custom lowrider engine

Lowrider interiorlowrider interior
Custom Lowrider Interior

low riders can be placed into three major categories.  These categories, or styles, include "bomb low riders," "traditional low riders," and "modern low riders."

A bomb low rider is based on an early domestic car from the 1930's to the late 1950's, such as a '39 Chevy Coupe shown below.

chevy bomb lowrider
Bomb low rider


  A traditional low rider is one that came from the early 1960's like the 1964 Impala (which is the most popular low rider of all time!).

traditional lowrider 64 impala
Traditional Impala low rider


  A modern low rider is classified as a low rider type vehicle which is created from newer, big-bodied cars such as 85 and newer Chevy Caprices, Chevy Impalas, Lincoln Town Cars, Buick Regals and more!  

modern cadillac lowrider
Modern Cadillac low rider

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