Modified Cars

Modern modified cars are some of the most unique vehicles on the road today!  These hooked-up rides feature the latest in custom modifications and styling trends!

These custom mods and styling trends change quite frequently, so those who keep their custom cars up-to-date are true customizers! I can remember when 20inch wheels were the biggest available.  Now, a few of years later, 30 inch wheels can be found on several cars in the "Donk Scene!"  Big wheels are definitely one of today's biggest trends!  Knowing that it takes more than just custom wheels to make a car "custom,” several other upgrades are being made to modern cars to keep them unique when compared to a similar make/model vehicle.

custom 03 Impala Custom 96 Impala 

Some of the other most popular custom modifications include, but are not limited to, custom painting, custom lighting, engine performance and dress up, and interior customizing.  These modifications, especially when all applied to the same vehicle, are what help create the coolest rides on the road or at the show!

custom dodge magnum custom caprice

The custom painting seen on today's modified cars can be considered true artwork!  Paint manufacturing companies, such as House of Kolors, pPg, and DuPont have all invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce the most vibrant, jaw-dropping colors and special-effect paints ever imagined!  When these high-tech paints are applied to factory painted vehicles; the cars are transformed into a unique, likely one-of-a-kind, custom cars!

custom painted camaro custom painted impala

The custom lighting available for the custom cars of today is highly advanced and easily allows the owner to add to the look of their ride.  "Altezza," and "Euro" lights are both very popular styles of lighting.  Altezza taillights usually have a chrome bezel that holds red taillights all under a clear outer lens.  Euro lights are usually found in the front of a vehicle and consist of corner lights, parking lights, or headlights that feature a crystal clear lens that covers the lights' inner chrome bezel.  LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights are the most high-tech and brightest in custom taillights of cars on the road today, and give increased visibility at night!  For custom headlights, the latest in technology for modern modified cars is the use of HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting, which in the past was only available for high-end luxury vehicles.  Many manufacturers have made "HID-kits" available for virtually any car. 

 led taillights euro headlights 

The custom engines that are used in modified cars are the most advanced engines ever used! Whether it’s one of GM's LS series engines, or their Vortech 5.7 liters, Ford's Triton V8s, or even Dodge's re-created HEMI's, the engines in today’s custom cars are very easy to upgrade for more performance, fuel economy and looks!  Some easy performance upgrades that can be done to virtually any modern car would be the installation of a cold-air-intake, or a computer "tune," also referred to as a "chip."  Engine dress-up can be easily accomplished by using colored wire loom, although I feel that black looks the best, to tidy up the engine's wiring.  Painting engine parts is another easy way to improve the look of even a new engine, especially when the engine parts are painted to match the color theme of the rest of the vehicle.  Let's not forget to mention how good chrome looks under any the hood of any car!

custom LT1 engine mustang enginecustom hemi

When it comes to interior customizing of modified cars, a customizer's only limitation is her imagination!  The interior is what will be seen by the owner more than any other area of the vehicle, so why not personalize and customize it to make it more comfortable and appealing to the eye.  Some of the most popular and easy-to-do-interior upgrades include painting interior panels to match, or compliment the vehicle's exterior color.  Installing chrome, carbon-fiber, and or billet accessories can really give a modern car's interior a nice touch!  Other popular interior customizing methods include the installation of custom gauges that allow the user to keep an eye on important parts of their car, like oil pressure, water temp, voltage, etc.  Custom upholstery can be a little expensive, but that is a big part of interior customizing, along with things like mobile video and big sound systems.  The modifications that can be made to custom modern cars are limitless, so have some fun and make your car's custom interior a home away from home!

dodge magnum interior custom dodge magnum interior 95 impala interior
custom mustang interior custom impala ss interior impala ss subwoofers trunk custom

Modern modified cars are some of the baddest cars on the Road! Click here to return to our custom cars page

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