My 97 dodge dakota.

by James Hollifield
(Toccoa, ga USA)

Make them girls scream

Make them girls scream

"Staci" is a complete custom job, many man hours, blood, sweat and busted knuckles went into the building of her. Drone the ground effects and cowl hood to the hand built and designed bag kit, she us a road machine. Staci lifts from dead frame to 1 inch below stock ride hight. With 4 massive compressors and 1 5 gallon tank, 2 2 gallon tanks and a 3 gallon just in case... She can blow you away... Filling all 12 gallons at an impressive 1.2 minutes. I installed an 8 switch box in a custom console with a digital read and a complete load leveling system that calculates her level 120 times a second. 1/2 inch metal tubing runs her veins... Only 3 inches if 300 psi vynal was used in the entire operation. So she fills and drops faster than a blink... But just for show... Manual regulators were mounted for a slower lift and drop. ;) As far as lighting is concerned she has ultra bright fog lights, double bulbed underglow system, a Lexus HID computer controlled head light system and a Cadillac tale light system. Everything but the fuel door us drenched and shaved (including tail gate), door poppers, outside jump and charging points, converted to power windows, 5% tint, momo rims, shift kit, cold air intake, dual high output alternators and 2 1000 cold crank amp batteries makes her spit out 280 amps ;) It'd be a hot day in heaven before you rin her outta juice. Last but not least she has switch controlled bump stops, hornet alarm system, Kenwood touch screen DVD with brain box and iPhone converter, custom bucket seats, a tribal designed head liner, custom carpet, original power if the gods 10 inch sub with a 1200 watt amp, double 2 fraud capacitors, flow master exhaust, nitro drop shocks, billet grill, over sized radiator, 8 speaker system fir just the head unit, (9 if you count sub) racing pedals, NOS fogger system with a 200 shot, shaved heads, forged pistons, performance injectors, dyna matted, tanto cover, reinforced frame, custom tag, oversized custom gas tank to even weight, z rated racing tires (nitrogen filled), custom A frames, ball joints, framing, brackets and titanium drive shaft from Wolfs customs. Think I'm done? We'll think again! Not only is she equipped with all this... Staci has a 180 degree thermostat with a racing radiator, oversized heater core, a dodge "bighorn" air conditioner compressor, and a molar oil cooler. BUT!!! ...are you ready for this??? She also has a computer controlled relay system that makes her "dance" , "Shake" , "wave" and yes.... Even.... Twist. With all thus what else could be done?

.... I still think there's work to be done ;)

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