Air Bag Suspension
Compressor Pressure Switch
110 psi on 145 psi off

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Use our 110 on 145 off pressure switch to tell your air compressor(s) when to cut on and off automatically. A pressure-switch is installed on your air tank and acts as a switch, just as the name implies. When the air pressure in your tank is low (below 110 psi), the pressure-switch sends power to your compressors to have them fill your air tank to a higher pressure. When the pressure in your tank reaches the preset high level (145 psi), the switch cuts power to your compressors so they will turn off. Both the high and low level pressures are preset into your pressure-switch so it acts automatically to keep your air pressure in your tank at a good range for use with your air ride suspension system. Get yours today and quit having to mess with turning your air compressors on and off!


  • Turns your compressors on at 110 psi and off at 145 psi
  • prevent damage to your compressors by not pumping to higher pressures than they are recommended for
  • inexpensive safeguard against compressor damage
  • easy to install
  • 1/8 inch npt thread 
  • male spade terminals on top

Other sites charge $24.99 for this pressure-switch!
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Our Price is only $17.95 ea

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