Firestone Ride Rite 2025
Air Assist Kit
(Fits many trucks, see below)

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This Ride Rite 2025 kit includes heavy duty, double convoluted air springs that are installed between the frame and suspension of your truck, van, or even motor home.  These kits are designed to not only give you lift for the rear of your truck to help with towing, but also improve handling, and reduces suspension fatigue! Ride-Rite kits feature dual inflation valves to level your vehicle front to back and side to side when carrying heavy, off-center loads.  Boost your load carrying capacity from 3,200-5000 pounds per set!

The Firestone Ride-Rite 2025 kit is used on trucks that need to do some heavy duty hauling, towing, or just need a little more lift in the rear.  This kit is simple to install and includes step-by-step installation instructions along with all of the components you se in the picture above.

Included in Kit
Air Springs
Air Line
Upper and Lower brackets
Inflation valves (manual inflation)
Push-to-Connect air fittings
Detailed Instructions (click here to view them)

    Designed to fit the following vehicles:
     88-98 Chev C&K 1500 & 2500 (4x2,4x4),
     99-00 Chev C&K 2500 (4x2,4x4) w/rear drums
     88-00 Chev C&K 3500 (4x2,4x4)

Other sites charge $399 for the Firestone Ride-Rite 2025 kit
You Save $45 by shopping with us!

Our Price is only $354.95

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