Scrapin the Smokies

June 14-15th Asheville, NC
The Scrapin the Smokies Flier

Scrapin the Smokies Custom Car Truck and Bike Show  was held in Asheville, NC at the WNC Agricultural Center on June 14th and 15th.  It was an event packed car show with lots of custom rides showing off their modifications.    There was plenty of room for my car club, Pebble Pushers, to park beside me since the show area was so large.  Like some  "car-show'ers," I am an early bird and arrived at the show around 8:00am and had the Impala detailed and ready for judging by 11:00.  

     I like to go ahead and get my car ready/detailed to the extreme as soon as possible at the show so that I can spend more time walking around checking out other peoples' show cars and trucks.  The other participants really started piling in at around 10 o' clock and It was great to see such a variety of custom cars and trucks show up for this show!  It was pretty much a long haul from Anywhere, USA, and it rained the entire second half of Saturday, but the show was definitely worthwhile!

    Some of the events at this show included a hydro/air competition, a sound off, a bikini contest and one of the coolest dragging competitions I've seen!   The hydro/air competition was pretty cool, as was the sound off, but let me tell ya, the bikini competition was awesome!  The dragging competition was unique in that it was not held in the show parking lot, like most dragging competitions.  We actually had to drive about 15 miles to a road that the police closed off especially for the competition!  How often do you see that?  Never!  The crowds of people who weren't competing in the dragging lined both sides of the street for up close and personal views of the trucks dragging their frame rails down the street!  The winner of the drag was chosen by crowd applause to keep things fair.

     The show had lots of sponsors including 110 Kustoms, David's Impalas, and Grant Kustoms to name few.  See the above flier for the rest of the sponsors.  All of the sponsors did an excellent job of keeping the weekend-long Scrapin the Smokies car show going!

Please look through the pictures below to see some of the coolest rides at Scrapin the Smokies Custom Car, Truck and Bike Show

Adam Ferguson Impala SS on air's Custom 96 Impala SS Layed out at Scrapin the Smokies Custom 96 Impala SS LT1
My Custom 96 Impala SS Chromed LT1 engine prepped for the show
Custom Impala SS Interior
Spotless interior of my Custom Impala SS
Adam Fergusons 96 Impala SS
There's the Impala Trunk
Penbble Pushers at Scrapin the Smokies
Pebble Pushers Crew (Lil'Bubba-Ranger, Fred-Nissan, Adam-Impala)
Pebble Pushers
Pebble Pushers can get low =O==O=
Nissan minitruck
Fred's Layed out Nissan minitruck
mini-truck rear air
Fred's Nissan mini-truck rear air
Custom FULLSIZE Trucks
Custom chevrolet Silverado
Custom Silverado
Custom Chevy Dually
Custom Chevy Dually on 24's
Custom C10
Classic C10 (He got Best Paint-Single Color)
custom 350
A view of this C10's Chevy 350 
C10 Interior
C10 Interior
C10 Bed
Body-Dropped Dually
Body-Dropped Dually...A Dragiing Favorite!
Candy Silverado
Candied Silverado 1500
Classic Hot Rod Truck
Classic Flat-Black Hot Rod Truck
Custom Dodge Magnum
Green Silverado
1500 with Skulls
Skulled out 1500
1500 Skulls
Close up of the hood...Thats impressive!
Custom Mini Trucks
110 Kustoms Izuzu
110 Kustoms Isuzu
110 Kustoms Ranger
110 Kustoms Ranger
Babe at Scrapin the Smokies
Nice Angel eh?
Custom Blazer
This Truck took Best paint (Multi color)-Sorry about the pic
Custom isuzu minitruck
Interior of Best paint Truck
Custom isuzu minitruck interior
Body-Dropped Square-body Blazer
Ranger Grill
Tribal Grill on this Custom Ranger
Customized Ranger
Another Customized Ranger
Show Truck Ranger
The Builder of this Custom Ranger went all out-It looks great!
Ranger Custom Bed
Rangers bed with Custom Sheet metal work
Custom Ranger Interior
Custom Ranger Interior
Tricked Out Ranger
Ranger's custom enclosure from rear window
Shaved S10
Shaved S10
Slammed S10
This S10 Competed in the Draggin contest-not too bad I might add
Custom Sonoma
The owner of this custom minitruck was selling some of his old air compressors
Custom mini-trucks
Now thats what I call a Full-Phantom Grill!  Check out the Suicide Doors
This Custom S10 had some serious taillight work among several other modifications
Copper S10
Copper through and through
This minitruck looked awesome
minitruck engine
Spike Truck
Spike Truck
Spike truck
Spike Truck Rear Suspension
Spike Truck Interior
 Spike Truck Interior
spike truck
Spike Truck Engine
Square body S10
Custom Square Body S10
Switch Box
Nice touch with the switchbox!
Tandem Minitruck
Super Custom Tandem Minitruck 
Super Custom Tandem Minitruck
Super Custom Tandem Minitruck 
Super Custom Tandom Minitruck
Super Custom Tandem Minitruck 
Super Custom Tandem Minitruck
6 WHEEL Minitruck
Super Custom Tandem Minitruck  
The bed even tilts custom...To the side
Super Custom Tandem Minitruck
Every aspect of this truck was customized!
custom wheels minitruck
I was feelin the wheels on this minitruck
Cadillac S10
Cadillac tails on this S10
S10 Air Ride Suspension
Rear Air suspension setup
Custom Cars
30s Hot Rod
Even A Classic Hot Rod made it to Scrapin the Smokies!
Custom Chevy 350
Exposed 350 inches
67 Camaro
Check out this Custom 67 Camaro SS!
Can you say "502 Cubic Inches"
67 Camaro Roll bar
Camaro Subwoofer
JL Audio in the Trunk
Cadillac on Air
 Cadillac on Air
Blu Caddy Big Rims
BIG RIMS on this BIG Caddy
Classic Caddy with Class
Classic Caddy with Class
Hot Rod Cutlass
Custom Olds Cutlass 
Custom Civic Hatchback
This Civic was almost Blinding it was so bright!
Custom Ford Focus
This Custom Ford Focus was knocking pretty hard with its subs
Ghost Rider Civic
 Ghost Rider Civic
Flat Hot Rod
 This Classic Cruiser has some serious potential
Monte Carlo SS
Monte Carlo SS
Best of Show Beetle
Phillip's Beetle Took Best of show Car
Other Pics
Scion Surfer
 This Scion Woody looked like it was straight out of Hawaii!
Scion Woody
Will that produce a shadow in that shape?
Surfboard on the roof of this Scion Woody
Surfboard on the roof of this Scion Woody
Scion woodie
A surfer's paradise?
Chevy Donk
26's and more than 8  TVs were installed on this High Tech Donk!
Denali Donk
This Denali was rollin on 26 inch Rims too!
Custom Dodge Nitro
Greenville Customs' Dodge Nitro
Custom SRT4
One bad SRT4
SRT$ Engine
Lots of goodies under the hood of this small car
SRT4 Nitrous
ZEX Nitrous and Fuel Solenoids
Scrapin the Smokiers Bikini Contest
 Scrapin the Smokies Bikini Contestants
Scrapin the Smokies
Bikini Finalists (The one on the Right won)
I loaded the Impala up for the trip home
Custom Impala SS
My Impala Took First in Rear-Wheel-Drive-Domestic WILD! -0==0-

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