Wheels at the Lake

April 12, 2008 Iredell County Fairgrounds, Troutman, NC
Wheels at the Lake Car Show

The 2008 Wheels at the Lake Custom Car Show was held at the Iredell County Fairgrounds in Troutman, NC on April 12-13.  It turned out to be a really fun car show.  The morning rain kept a lot of people from showing up with their custom cars and trucks.  My Car club, Pebble Pushers, and I stuck it out and simply dried our cars and mini-trucks off.  A little rain should never hold you back from showing your ride!  I dried my Impala off 4 times and ended up taking the Best of Show Award home! As I was saying, the show was event packed and featured some great local bands, awesome "Show Food" (burgers, dogs, funnel cakes, you know-the healthy stuff), and a decent bikini contest with cash prizes for the ladies.

Please look through the pictures below to see some of our favorite rides at Wheels at the Lake Custom Car Show
Slammed 96 Impala SS
YourCustomCar.com 's Custom 96 Impala SS Laying out in the Sun
94-96 Impala SS
YourCustomCar.com 's Custom 96 Impala SS Show Display
Lowered Impala SS
YourCustomCar.com 's Custom 96 Impala SS Show Display
Hooked Up Impala SS Window TVs
The Spectators were really digging the 7 inch TV's in my 96 Impala's rear windows
Wheels at the Lake
The 2008 Wheels at the Lake Show cars were lining up pretty early on Saturday morning
Troutman NC
s is an early shot of the infield area
Custom Truck Wheels at the Lake
More and more custom cars and trucks were starting to arrive
Girls Dancing
Some of the girls were having some fun on stage
Teram OutKast
Team OutKast CC had a few members show up
Team OutKast Civic
Team OutKast-1
Team OutKast Car Club
Team OutKast-2
Team Outkast cc
Team OutKast-3
Team OutKast-4
Team OutKast Accord
Team OutKast-5
Team OutKast-6
Team OutKast Custom Car Club
Team OutKast-7
OutKast Cavalier
Team OutKast-8
Team OutKast Firebird
Team OutKast-9
Torqued Atmosphere Car and Truck Club
Torqued Atmosphere came out in the rain too
Torqued Atmosphere Prelude
Torqued Atmosphere-1
Torqued Atmosphere
Torqued Atmosphere-2
Torqued Atmosphere
Torqued Atmosphere-3
Torqued Atmosphere S10
Torqued Atmosphere-4
Torqued Atmosphere S-10
Torqued Atmosphere-4b
Torqued Atmosphere Chevy
Torqued Atmosphere-5
Torqued Atmosphere
Torqued Atmosphere-6
Zoom Performance
Zoom Performance Booth

Victory Wax Mustang
Victory Wax Mustang-One of the cleanest Newbody-Style Mustangs EVER!
Custom Mustang
Victory Wax Mustang Engine
Victory Wax Little GTO...With BIG go
Custom GTO
Victory Wax GTO
1973 Road Runner
73 Road Runner
Silver Chevy 2
Silver Chevy II
Chrome Chevy II Engine
Silver Chevy II Engine
Chevy II SS
Black Chevy II SS
Chevrolet Chevelles SS
Flat Black Chevy Muscle Car
Chevrolet Chevelles SS Engine
Chevy Muscle
70's Pontiac Firebird
High HP Pontiac
Custom EclipseHooked Up 2nd Gen. Mitsubishi Eclipse Turboo Talon
Model in Bikini, Chevy LT1, 96 Impala SS
 My own personal Bikini contest leaning on the YourCustomCar.com Custom 1996 Impala SS LT1
YourCustomCar.com Model on Impala SS
Take 2!

Impala Model
 Hey! don't touch the paint!  Oh well, I guess It will be ok.  ;) ;)
Impala SS Model
She can hold my switchbox anytime!
Lou Santiago
Yeah thats really Lou Santiago from Muscle Car on Spike TV's Power Block
Pebble Pushers Decal
Pebble Pushers Car Club logo on my Impala SS

Best of Show
I was awarded "Best of Show" at the Wheels at the Lake Car Show
Best In Show
Trophy Close Up
YourCustomCar.com Diesel
YourCustomCar.com 's New Pulling Power
Custom Impala on Trailer
Loaded up and ready to head home

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