Blood Drag 08  Trucks '08 Anderson, SC

I've never seen show trucks lifted as much as the Blood Drag 08  Trucks! The biggest of the bunch were the Ford F-350s. The lifts ranged from 10 inches to an amazing 48 inches (See Kicker Truck)! Then there were the completely shaved and smoothed full size show trucks that weren't lifted, but dragging rocker instead. The paint and huge billet wheels on those things were incredible. Even the duallies were laying frame.

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Full Size Show Trucks at Blood Drag 08

Giant Ford Lifted Ford Ford Monster Truck
Giant Ford Lifted Ford Monster Truck Ford

Lifted Ford F250 Lifted Ford F350 Ford Air Bags
Lifted Ford Lifted Ford Lifted Ford on Air Bags

Ford Lift Kit F350 Lift Giant F350
Lifted Ford on Air Bags Giant F350 Giant F350

Lifted Chevy Dually Lifted K5 Blazer Custom Kicker Truck
Monster Dually Giant K5 Blazer Kicker Ford on El Camino

Lifted Kicker truck Kicker Truck Lifted Tacoma
Kicker Truck Now those are tall air bags! Lifted Tacoma

Pebble Pushers Caddilac conversion chevy 88-98 Custom Chevy Truck
Beaver from Pebble Pushers Beaver from Pebble Pushers Beaver from Pebble Pushers

Custom Fullsize Chevrolet Custom Chevy Truck BloodDrag 08 Caddy Front
Beaver's Full Size Chevy Pebble Pushers know how to do it right Caddy Front Conversion on this Chevy

Custom Classic Chevrolet Truck Slammed Dually Caddy Front
This Custom Classic Chevrolet was one of my favorites at the show! It is really something to see! Slammed Chevy Dually on Big Billets Caddy Front Conversion on this Chevy too

Custom Chevy Trucks at Blood Drag 08 Slammed dually Blood Drag 2008
Custom Chevy Trucks at BloodDrag 08 Slammed Dually on Billets Blood Red Dually Layed out

Thanks for checking out the blood drag 08 trucks
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